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Thursday, November 15, 2018

No. 07/2003




Donations in memory of Captain Erric B. Kertsikoff

The family would prefer donations in memory of Captain Erric B. Kertsikoff to be made to the Hellenic Society for Disabled Children in Athens . Details: ELEPAP - Hellenic Society for Disabled Children ELEPAP telephone number: + 30 210 721 5303 Alpha Bank Account Number: 115/002002-005795 ... More


The Washington Tanker Event 2003 – “Tankers – Your Energy Link”

Recognising the importance of Washington as an administrative and political centre, and the US as an energy importer, this year’s Tanker Event will take place in Washington DC 6-9 April.... More


Maritime Security - USCG concludes its public meetings – INTERTANKO Statement

INTERTANKO was represented at the public meeting on 11 February in New York City and commented particularly on the treatment of ships’ crews in some US ports and the difficulties likely to be experienced in meeting the 1 July deadline for installing AIS. ... More


US Senate Hearing requests additional information from INTERTANKO

INTERTANKO followed up the discussions that arose during the hearings with a letter to clarify two tanker safety issues. Subsequently Senator John McCain, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation requested INTERTANKO provide further information... More


US Changes AIS Carriage Requirements

Whereas SOLAS requires tankers to fit AIS before the next Safety Equipment Survey after 1 July 2003, the newly passed Maritime Transport Securities Act (MTSA) will require carriage of an AIS by 1 July 2003.... More


INTERTANKO comments on amendments to UK Pilotage Act 1987

INTERTANKO has submitted comments to the UK Department of Transport regarding revisions to the UK Pilotage Act. This includes a suggestion that a requirement be included for the use of, and competence in, English. ... More


Presentation on (SIRE) Inspection Deficiency Replies updated

The presentation given by Koch Oil and Trading at the Singapore Vetting Seminar on 8 November 2002 on (SIRE) Inspection Deficiency Replies has now been updated and can be viewed on INTERTANKO’s web site.... More


Tanker fleet shows modest increase in 2002

The fleet declined in 2001 after a substantial increase in 2000. Interestingly the tanker fleet has remained in the region of 3,540 to 3,580 tankers since end 1998, although there have been many changes in the individual fleet segments.... More


Tanker market returns fluctuated heavily in 2002

The market returns on a single-voyage basis went from below break-even to near record levels towards the end of 2002, but were on average low. During the first three quarters of the year, the markets were characterised by many new deliveries albeit also many tankers were sold for demolition. ... More


Slight rebound in Venezuelan crude supply – IEA

According to the February 2003 IEA monthly oil market report, Venezuelan crude oil production rebounded from the early January lows and averaged 0.57 mbd in January. ... More


NEW Tanker Market online-publication

A new market publication entitled ‘Tanker trends and economics’ is available free of charge on the INTERTANKO website for members and associate members.... More



Reuters Madrid, 3 February - Spain wrong to tow stricken tanker to sea EFE Spanish press Agency, 3 February - INTERTNAKO addresses places of refuge Madrid French Agency, 3 February - Intertanko criticises certain European measures of restriction Reuters Madrid, 5 February - Prestige captain, hailed as hero, still in jail Lloyd’s List, 12 February - Channelling provisions here to stay — for now...... More