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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

No. 11/2003




Join us at the Washington Tanker Event 6-9 April 2003

Plans for this year’s annual gathering are progressing swiftly, promising an interesting and comprehensive programme for delegates and visitors. If have not already done so, we encourage you to register early and secure hotel space in one of the busiest capitals of the world.... More


Hellenic Forum meet in Athens

Mr Nicholas Fistes of Ceres Hellenic was elected as Chairman before opening discussions on a host of issues including INTERTANKO’s post-Prestige activity, a review of the latest developments in the European Union (EU) and an update of the various activities within INTERTANKO’s current work programme.... More


Additional information required on members’ tankers

INTERTANKO would appreciate further information on members’ fleets in order to publish a detailed membership fleet list on the web.... More


Web development articles printable, updated information on Europe

We have added a ‘Print version’ feature to our web site to make our articles more easily printable. We have also placed an update of the latest developments in Europe under Shipping Policy. ... More


INTERTANKO raises members’ concerns at EQUASIS Editorial Board meeting

Issues included the need to have a prompt record of the close-out of deficiencies, concerns regarding the recording formats for class and flag statutory surveys, and also the EU requirement for an expanded inspection regime of ballast tanks by Port States.... More


OCIMF booklet ‘Recommendations for Ships Fittings for use with Tugs’

INTERTANKO, IMPA and OCIMF are undertaking a joint study to determine whether there is a compelling need for the recommendations to be made mandatory. Members are requested to complete a survey form on our web site and indicate whether or not bitt/fairlead/chock failures have occurred on their tankers between 31 March 1998 and 31 March 2003.... More


Ballast Convention nears completion

Last week INTERTANKO participated at the specially convened meeting of the IMO Ballast Water Working Group attended by over 180 delegates. A ballast water treatment standard was agreed upon that would ensure the removal from ballast water of all organisms above 50 microns.... More


US MOU to govern investigation of transportation-related accidents involving chemicals and major marine accidents

Two MOUs have been signed to clarify which entity should lead a marine investigation in the event of a transportation-related accident involving a chemical substance or a major marine accident.... More


U.S. Coast Guard 96-hours’ Notice of Arrival (NOA) – Final Rule

The NOA requirement takes effect on 1 April 2003 and the deadline to begin filing electronically through the Customs’ AMS is 1 July 2003, but there are a number of obstacles to be overcome in order to comply with this rule.... More


BUNKER ALERT: High density fuels in New Orleans, Louisiana

Over the past two weeks, DNV Petroleum Services has analysed several residual fuel oil samples from New Orleans , Louisiana , which exceeded the ISO 8217:1996 density specification of maximum 991.0 kg/m3. The highest density value of the said samples was 992.2 kg/m3. For ships equipped with conventional centrifuges, the best alternative would be to operate the centrifuges temporarily as...... More


World seaborne oil trade 2001 and forecast 2002-2003 – Fearnleys

Fearnleys has just published their Review for 2002. According to the analysis of world seaborne oil trade, the volume of oil trade (crude and products) decreased by 1.5% in 2002 to 1,987 million tonnes after an increase of 0.5% in 2001. ... More


Oil stocks at minimum operating levels in key markets – IEA

According to the IEA monthly oil market report of 12 March 2003, world crude oil production increased by close to 2 mbd in February 2003. ... More


42% of increased oil demand to come from N America– IEA

Some 42% or 0.49 mbd of the increase in oil demand in 2003 is expected to come from North America, mainly the US. The other main increases in demand are expected in the Pacific area (0.16 mbd), other Asia (0.15 mbd), Middle East (0.12 mbd) and China (0.15 mbd). Total demand is expected to increase by 1.16 mbd or 1.5% in 2003 according to IEA. A full overview can be seen here . Contact : Erik...... More


Status of Iraq - EIA

According to the US Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration (EIA) , Iraq holds 110 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and more than 112 billion barrels of oil - the world's second largest proven reserves - and is a focal point for regional and international security issues. Iraq has attacked two of its neighbours, Iran in 1980 and Kuwait in 1990, and has been exposed to more tha...... More



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