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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

No. 14/2003




Join us at the Washington Tanker Event 6-9 April 2003

The Washington Tanker Event will take place as planned next week and we look forward to seeing you in Washington. Details on the programme can be found in the article below and please note that the dress code for the Annual Dinner has been changed from dinner jacket to lounge suit.... More


Implications of EU single-hull phase-out proposal

INTERTANKO has looked at the consequences for the single-hull tanker fleet above 5,000 dwt following the EU Council amendments to the proposed Regulation on the accelerated phase-out of single hull oil tankers on 27-28 March. ... More


Tanker single-hull phase-out calculator updated on web

Following the changes on the EU phase-out of single-hull oil tankers, the phase-out calculator has been updated on our website.... More


Agenda for Council meeting on 7 April 2003

A link to the Council Agenda is available to members on request.... More


Agenda for Annual General Meeting on 9 April 2003

INTERTANKO’s Annual General Meeting will take place in Washington DC on 9 April 2003, 1600 hours - 1730 hours in the Grand Ballroom at the Mayflower Hotel. The Agenda is available on INTERTANKO’s web site.... More


Annual Review and Report 2002 - E-book on the website

The Annual Review and Report for 2002 is now available on INTERTANKO’s web site as an e-book. The printed copy will be despatched to members and associate members this week. ... More


Report from IMO Sub-Committee on Bulk Liquids and Gases 8th Session

INTERTANKO in full attendance with six members of the secretariat actively participated in BLG8. The Association made several submissions and participated in the Review of Annex I of MARPOL 73/78; Application of MARPOL Annex I requirements to FPSOs and FSUs ; Marine Safety data sheets for MARPOL Annex I cargoes and marine fuel oils; Revisions of MARPOL Annex II.... More


Updated circular on escorting operations at the Sture Terminal

INTERTANKO believes that any news rules, regulations or recommendations are only warranted after a comprehensive investigation, a review of the implications and an objective consultation with all the principal parties involved.... More


Gulf: warning to avoid Mina AL-Bakr and Khor Al-Amaya oil terminals

The US National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) has issued a Notice warning mariners to be alert to Iraqi paramilitary forces disguised as civilian vessels in the northern Persian Gulf. ... More


Additional information required on members’ tankers

INTERTANKO would appreciate further information on members’ fleets in order to publish a detailed membership fleet list on the web.... More


INTERTANKO welcomes Singapore Certificate of Quality for bunker fuel

From 1 April 2003, certain bunker tankers in Singapore will be required to carry Certificates of Quality (COQ) showing that the bunker fuels carried are in compliance with ISO 8217 standard. ... More


BUNKER ALERT: High abrasives fuels in Singapore

Over the past week, DNV Petroleum Services has analysed several residual fuel oil samples from Singapore with Aluminium plus Silicon (Al + Si) content exceeding the ISO 8217: 1996 specification of maximum 80 ppm. The Al + Si levels in the said samples ranged from 86 mg/kg to 123 mg/kg. Although the bunker receipts accompanying the samples indicated the fuels to be IFO 380 cSt, the analysis...... More



Lloyd’s List, 31 March 2003 - Owners’ disappointment at single skin phase-out decision ... More