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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

No. 31/2003




INTERTANKO meets the USCG Assistant Commandant for Marine Security, Safety and Environment Protection

Discussions with Radm. Gilmour covered maritime security regulations, tanker safety related issues and possible items that could be included as joint activities within the USCG/INTERTANKO Partnership Agreement.... More


INTERTANKO meetings in Washington D.C.

INTERTANKO representatives met the Democrats’ Staff Director of the US House Sub Committee on Coast Guard and Transportation, Executive Staff of the Liberian International Ship & Registry (LISCR) and the ExxonMobil Chartering Manager.... More


Register now for the 2003 National Maritime Salvage Conference, 9-11 September 2003

RAdm. Thomas Gilmour, Assistant Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, will be a keynote speaker at the 2003 National Maritime Salvage Conference, sponsored by the American Salvage Association (ASA), to take place 9-11 September 2003 in Crystal City, VA. ... More


Report from INTERTANKO’s Latin American Panel Meeting

Gathering in Miami on 24 July, the third meeting of INTERTANKO’s Latin American Panel covered a wide-ranging and ambitious agenda. Panel members enjoyed presentations and engaged in discussions on a variety of topics.... More


US Propose Mandatory Ballast Requirements

The US Coast Guard issued a proposed rulemaking this week regarding the mandatory management of ballast water for all ships bound for US ports.... More


MARPOL allows water in cargo tanks for rafting and hydrostatic pressure testing

At the recent MEPC 49 session, it was agreed that rafting and hydrostatic testing should be added to the list of the "exceptional cases” set out in regulation 13(3) and the Unified Interpretation 4.1.1., which detail the circumstances in which water may be filled into cargo tanks.... More


Statistics on publicly reported tanker incidents

To obtain a better understanding of tanker safety, INTERTANKO records publicly reported tanker incidents. The number so far this year has followed the positive improvement trend of the last couple of years. Type cause dwt % Collision 20 23 Grounding 22 26 Hull&Machinery 26 30 Fire/Explosion 13 15 Miscellaneous 5 6 Total 86 100 The biggest accidental loss of oil occurred in Algeciras Bay shortly...... More


INTERTANKO in the news

Fairplay Weekly, 31 July 2003 – US hears feedback on security rules ... More