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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

No. 37/2003

  • 54% of claims caused by human error
  • A beam of light into the feeling of murky uncertainty
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    EU workshop on low-emission shipping

    On 4-5 September 2003.the European Commission organised a workshop on low-emission shipping. The discussions focussed heavily on the possibilities of using low sulphur in fuel, scrubbing, emissions trading, selective catalytic reduction and charges/taxes.... More


    Environmental Committee meet in Rome

    Ship recycling and the Environmental Challenge were among the main issues discussed by INTERTANKO’s Environmental Committee last week when it met in Rome. Discussions also covered the low levels of reporting on inadequate reception facilities, developments in ballast water regulatory requirements and treatment technology.... More


    INTERTANKO at meeting of the Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards (ESPH 9).

    At ESPH 9 a good portion of the meeting focused on the agenda item: ‘Review of the Text of the IBC Code as a Result of Changes to the Classification System and Criteria for Assigning Carriage Requirements’.... More


    INTERTANKO at the National Maritime Salvage Conference.

    The 2003 National Maritime Salvage Conference 2003, sponsored by American Salvage Association, was held September 9-11 in Arlington, VA. The presentations of INTERTANKO speakers are available on the web.... More



    In the last Weekly NEWS No. 36 in the article entitled: INTERTANKO participates at meeting of the IMO Group on Experts, the 3rd paragraph should have read (correction underlined): ‘With regard to the carriage of heavy oils in DH tankers there was disagreement with regard to the definition of heavy oil and whether to include crude oils. A solution could be to increase the density limit from 0.90...... More


    Sales for decommissioning ahead of phase-out

    INTERTANKO has recorded 162 or 15.5 m dwt of tankers and combination carriers above 5,000 dwt sold for decommissioning so far in 2003. According to MARPOL, tankers built in 1973 and earlier are due for decommissioning/phase-out this year and 39 or 1.3 m dwt of the ships sold were built in 1973 or earlier. This means that 123 tankers or 14.2 m dwt were sold ahead of the phase-out deadline. The a...... More





    Lloyd’s List, 11 September 2003 - INTERTANKO Tanker crew rights given boost by Pex amendments Lloyd’s List, 12 September 2003 - Play your part on safety, EU urged Lloyd’s List, 12 September 2003 - The Pex case to curb criminal ‘witchhunt’ ... More