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Thursday, November 15, 2018

No. 05/2004

  • Regional Vetting meeting, 28 January 2004, Singapore
  • Register for the Advanced Media Training Course, 5 February 2004
  • INTERTANKO’s Communication and PR Committee meeting, 11 February 2004, London
  • Asian Regional Panel meeting, 25 February 2004, Shanghai
  • INTERTANKO Seminar “The Tanker World Today”, 25 February 2004, Shanghai
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    IMO continues work on lifeboat safety and maritime security

    The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) sub-Committee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping (STW) met this week for its 35th session. INTERTANKO participated at the meeting, where work continued on watchkeeping at anchor, lifeboat safety and maritime security.... More


    INTERTANKO/IACS informal meeting with European Commission on double hull tankers

    Topics covered included the development of goal-based standards at the IMO, the common rules for tankers to be released by IACS later this year, the joint industry initiatives with shipbuilders in the Far East and in Europe, the INTERTANKO Tanker Specification Awareness Guide, and the general drive for more robust ships.... More


    Absence of Tokyo MoU data in EQUASIS to be rectified

    The latest Tokyo MoU port state control ship inspection data is still not being made available to EQUASIS. However it looks as though a solution to the problem will be reached at the next General Meeting of the Tokyo MoU, planned for February 2004 in Vanuatu, to which EQUASIS has been invited. ... More


    Dubai Tanker Event 28-31 March 2004

    The Dubai Tanker Event 2004 will provide delegates with analyses and updates on the world economy, energy, finance and tanker markets. Industry experts from institutions such as the International Energy Agency and Dr. Peters will share their views and forecasts that will assist business leaders and executives in building sound foundations for future decisions. ... More


    Partial suspension of the U.S Proposed Rulemaking for Salvage and Fire-fighting

    The Coast Guard has decided to extend for another 3 years the suspension period originally published in the Federal Register on 17 January 2001. This suspends the 24-hour requirement, originally scheduled to become effective on 12 February 2001, until 12 February 2007 (63 FR 7069). ... More


    Cargo leakage into ballast tanks – New York/New Jersey COPT Observations

    At a recent meeting with Captain of the Port (COPT) we received information from a study carried out by the local COPT on structural problems on some tankers calling at NY/NJ.... More


    INTERTANKO Terminal Vetting Database (TVD)

    INTERTANKO has received over 3000 reports to the TVD by fax and strongly encourages its members to utilise the online access to the TVD both to review reports submitted and also to submit new reports. See the detailed article for a step-by-step guide. ... More




    Strong activity in the tanker market

    There has been tremendous activity in the tanker market this winter as world oil demand passed 80 mbd for the first time ever in the fourth quarter of 2003. The fastest growing part of the global oil supply has been non-OPEC production, which has increased by 14% since 1995 and is expected to pass 50 mbd in 2004 - about double OPEC’s production. Non-OPEC production overtook OPEC production as f...... More


    POINTS OF VIEW - Suez Canal closure left the industry’s feathers unruffled

    A few weather days at Suez did little to upset the spot market. But there may be an element of all sectors of the tanker market simply getting hardened to the effect of delays – which have been severe of late. ... More


    INTERTANKO in the News

    Lloyd’s List, 26 January 2004 - Mitropoulos urges Europe to take a global perspective Lloyd’s List, 27 January 2004 - Shipping industry takes the leap from victim to visionary, DNV forum told Freeplay Daily News, 28 January 2004 - Private security programme piloted ... More