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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

No. 35/2004

  • 15-16 September, International Maritime Purchasing Association (IMPA) Conference, London
  • 23 September, Hellenic Forum Meeting, Athens
  • 5-6 October, INTERTANKO/Mare Forum Seminar on Maritime Transportation of Energy from Russia and Central Asia, St. Petersburg
  • 12 October, Associate Members Committee meeting, London
  • 26-28 October, Executive Committee and Council meetings, Amsterdam
  • 1 November 2004, Tanker Chartering Seminar, Vancouver
  • 3 November 2004, Tanker Chartering Seminar, Houston
  • 11 November CTC meeting, Singapore
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    Industry consultation on Common Rules for New Buildings

    The Round Table of shipping associations (ICS, BIMCO, INTERCARGO, INTERTANKO) and OCIMF held meetings this week to discuss and analyse the proposed common rules on new building standards for tankers and bulk carriers. The consultations will continue on 10 September 2004 to prepare for a meeting with IACS on 20 September 2004 . The participants agreed with the principles of the common standards...... More


    US issues further guidance on ballast water rules

    Following comments and questions received by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) after the release of the latest ballast water rules, a further notice has now been issued to assist the industry in implementation of the new rules. This has taken the form of a guidance note which amends and comments upon the Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC). Of particular relevance to members is...... More


    US Department of Justice warns shipowners of vigorous prosecution for vessel pollution crimes

    In the wake of a string of court decisions against shipping companies for dumping oily waste into the water, the US authorities, led by Mr David Uhlmann, head of the US Department of Justice (DOJ) with its 36 prosecutors and assisted by the US Coast Guard and the Environmental Protection Agency, have stated that their goal is to take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with international...... More


    Compromise proposal for post MARPOL Annex II Vegetable Oils

    The Netherlands , Panama and US have submitted to MEPC 52 a proposal regarding the transport of vegetable oils. Despite the findings and conclusions of MEPC 51, the vegetable oil industry remains concerned as to whether there will be sufficient tonnage to cope with the proposed changes within MARPOL Annex II. In the event of a specific shortage of tonnage to transport an identified vegetable oi...... More


    First of bi-monthly gatherings for London/UK-based members

    The INTERTANKO London office is organising a series of bi-monthly gatherings for members with a London/UK presence. In addition to providing a forum for the exchange of information and experience, the objectives of these informal gatherings are: a)       to update our members on topical issues as well as the current work programme of the various INTERTANKO Committees, thereby giving the...... More


    INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum meets in Athens on 23 September 2004

    INTERTANKO’s Hellenic Forum will meet under the chairmanship of Nicholas G. Fistes on 23 September 2004 at the Metropolitan Hotel in Athens . The meeting will also be attended by INTERTANKO’s Chairman, Stephen Van Dyck. The Forum meeting will include a presentation by Mr. Joseph Angelo, Director of International and National Standards at the United States Coast Guard, covering issues related to...... More


    INTERTANKO canvasses members' support for cost benchmarking pool

    INTERTANKO has been encouraged to look into setting up a cost benchmarking pool for members. The idea is to set up a pool among members where only those that contribute to the pool will obtain information. The individual contributions from members on their costs will of course be kept strictly confidential, and figures will be presented to the members of the pool only in the form of average cos...... More


    Phase-out continued

    We have received several comments on our phase-out article in last week’s Weekly NEWS. The comments have not resulted in drastic changes, but phase-out numbers have been revised downwards as a result of information on conversions and on some tankers that were scrapped in previous years. Storage tankers are excluded from our list as it is very unlikely that old tankers used for long term storage...... More


    The highest oil price since 1985, highest freight rate since 1979 and highest demand since 1979

    Most analysts seem to agree that the oil price is undoubtedly being affected by non-fundamental factors and that there has been a USD 5-10 “fear surcharge or risk premium” on the price. 1)        There is extremely low spare oil production capacity worldwide, and a slow down of non-OPEC production. The world has become completely dependent on the increase in oil production in the Former Soviet...... More


    Incremental OPEC production capacity - IEA

    The August 2004 IEA Oil Market Report discusses the current thin margin of OPEC spare oil production capacity which has contributed to recent oil price strengths. Spare OPEC capacity has been below 2 mbd since February 2003 compared to 6 to 7 mbd for much of 2002. Estimating spare capacity is difficult and a subject of intense debate also within OPEC. In the absence of transparent information...... More





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    Click here for Bunker Alert, Ref : 24/2004 DNV Petroleum Services dated 17 August 2004 - Low Flash Point Fuels in Luanda , Angola Click here for Bunker Alert, Ref : 25/2004 DNV Petroleum Services dated 23 August 2004 - High Sediment Fuels in Novorossiysk , Russia ... More



    3 easy ways to order: Download an order form and fax to our Oslo office on +47 22 12 26 41 Send your order by e-mail Order directly from our online bookshop NEW - JUST PUBLISHED! A Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book - Part 1 (Machinery Space Operation) INTERTANKO's Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC) has developed a Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Boo...... More



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