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Saturday, October 20, 2018

No. 41/2005

  • 19 October – Bunker Sub-Committee, London
  • 18 - 22 October - FONASBA Annual Meeting, Tokyo
  • 24 October – Latin America Panel, Miami
  • 24 October – Vetting Seminar, Miami
  • 25 October – Hellenic Forum, Athens
  • 28 October – Asian Regional Panel, Seoul
  • 30 October - 1 November - Tripartite Meeting, Beijing
  • 1-2 November - World Shipping (China) Summit, Shanghai
  • 9 November – CPR meeting in London
  • 10-11 November – INTERTANKO Council, London
  • 15-16 November - Environmental Committee, Dubai, UAE
  • 23 November – INTERTANKO Offshore Tanker Committee (IOTC), Oslo
  • 24 November – Chemical Tanker Committee, Singapore
  • 29 November – Vetting Seminar, Singapore
  • 30 November - Vetting Committee, Singapore
  • 8 December – International Seminar on Tanker Safety, Pollution Prevention and Spill Preparedness, Shanghai
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  • INTERTANKO Annual Report and Review 2004
  • Guiding Principles to Emergency Management and Crisis Communications
  • A Guide to Bunkering of Ships for the purposes of Annex VI to MARPOL
  • Tanker Bills of Lading – A Practical Guide
  • A Guide for correct entries in the Oil Record Book - Part 1 (Machinery Space Operation)
  • A Guide to Crude Oil Washing and Cargo Heating Criteria
  • Tanker Specification Awareness Guide
  • A Guide to Tanker Charters
  • ... More




    European Parliament discusses competition rules as competition lawyers warn owners of the need to conduct self-assessment

    At its meetings this week the European Parliament Transport Committee adopted a report by EPP-ED Rapporteur Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou concerning the revision of Regulation 4056/86 EC on maritime competition rules. This regulation currently provides a block exemption from articles 81 and 82 EC (general competition rules) for liner conferences and in effect exempts “tramp shipping” from the...... More


    California – Clean Coast Act enacted

    The State of California has now enacted the Clean Coast Act. This law, which comes into effect on 1 January 2006, will prohibit ocean-going ships from conducting onboard incineration while operating within three miles of the California coast, according to advice from U.S. law firm Holland & Knight. The law will also prohibit ocean-going ships from releasing hazardous waste, sewage sludge, oily...... More


    The opportunities and challenges of the maritime transportation of energy from Russia and Central Asia

    A number of senior representatives of INTERTANKO members and associate members gathered in St. Petersburg this week to discuss the Challenges and Opportunities associated with the maritime transportation of energy from Russia and Central Asia . Organised by Mare Forum, the conference included sessions on the supply and demand of Russian oil and gas, shipping and pipeline developments, ice class...... More


    Environmental protection requires good ships, good people and good regulation

    Good ships, good people and good regulation are three key components to protect the marine environment, said INTERTANKO Managing Director Dr. Peter Swift at the Eighth Russian Maritime Register seminar in St Petersburg this week.    In his comments on “Marine Environment Safety Management” he stressed the importance of partnerships in achieving the shared goals of zero accidents and zero...... More


    Hellenic members invited to a mock mediation

    In coordination with the next INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum meeting on 25 October 2005 in Athens , a mock mediation will be held on 24 October at the Metropolitan Hotel, Athens . The event will be run by the Maritime Solicitors Mediation Service (MSMS), which is running a programme of these mock mediations. Seven have been held so far (see the website More


    Report from the Associate Members Committee

    The Associate Members Committee (AMC) held its third and last meeting for 2005 on 29 September 2005 in Greenwich , Connecticut . INTERTANKO would again like to thank Charles R. Weber Co. Inc. and our AMC member and host, Basil G. Mavroleon, for providing an excellent venue and most generous hospitality.   Besides the follow-up on ongoing issues, the Committee would like to provide some...... More


    Coalition Maritime Hotline

    The Coalition Maritime Forces in the Middle East have established the Coalition Maritime Hotline. This hotline serves as a means for the maritime community to communicate directly with the Coalition Forces and report suspicious activities which could support terrorism.   The hotline accepts information in five languages - Arabic, Farsi, English, Hindi and Urdu - and allows you to leave a detail...... More


    Can Saudi Arabia increase, or even maintain, its present level of crude oil production?

    In Weekly NEWS No. 37/05 (New thinking in the oil markets?) we wrote a brief summary about investment banker and energy industry analyst Matthew Simmons confronting the complacent notion that there are ample oil reserves in Saudi Arabia to fuel significant increases in world oil demand over the next 30-40 years.    The conclusions at the end of his immensely detailed, but totally enthralling,...... More


    IEA downgrades oil demand again

    According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), world oil supply declined by 0.845 million barrels daily (mbd) in September to 83.8 mbd. Hurricanes have shut in 1.2 mbd of U.S. Gulf crude production, prompting a 0.3-0.4 mbd downward revision to non-OPEC supply for 2005 and 2006. Non-OPEC supply growth is estimated at 0.170 mbd in 2005 and 1.3 mbd in 2006 - in addition to OPEC NGL growth of...... More







    Lloyd's List, 6 October 2005 - Bahamas at start of Asian expansion Lloyd's List, 12 October 2005 - Denmark talks tough on need for Baltic pilotage Lloyd's List, 13 October 2005 - California takes hard line on ship waste disposals Lloyd's List, 14 October 2005 – Enforcement, not new laws, will raise ship standards ... More