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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Meeting with INTERTANKO members in Turkey

On 6 December 2006, Dunya Denizcilik kindly hosted a meeting  of INTERTANKO members in Turkey and the INTERTANKO Secretariat. The meeting was chaired by Suay Umut, President of Dunya and member of the INTERTANKO Executive Committee, and was attended by 25 members, associate members and guests.


Agenda items addressed issues such as the recycling of ships, ballast water management, air emissions from ships, development of an industry guide for the maintenance of tanker structures as well as the ongoing revision by IMO of the current MARPOL regulations and IMO guidelines with regard to onboard waste treatment installations, their design, capacity, and better/clearer procedures for recording facts and events in the oil record book.


Other issues raised by members were related to difficulties in obtaining Class approval for ship ballast water management procedures as required by Brazil, lack of guidelines for crew training during navigation in Arctic areas and issues related to Worldscale application with regard to transit through the Turkish Straits.


INTERTANKO Directors Joe Angelo and Dragos Rauta, who represented the INTERTANKO Secretariat, also gave an update of the issues and possible decisions taken by the IMO's Maritime Safety Committee, which is now holding its 82nd session in Istanbul.


In discussing membership in Turkey, Umut suggested, and the meeting agreed, that such a meeting with the INTERTANKO Secretariat should be formalised and be held at least once a year. In addition, Umut strongly recommended that members in Turkey have more regular meetings for a coordinated contribution to INTERTANKO's priority items. 


Contact: Dragos Rauta