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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Poseidon Challenge Award

We have had a good response to our request for nominations for the Poseidon Challenge Award, which will be presented during the Poseidon Challenge Day during INTERTANKO's Istanbul Tanker Event, 20-23 April 2008.


The closing date for nominations is 1 January 2008 - so there is still time to put in any last-minute submissions.


The Poseidon Challenge is an encouragement to all links in the maritime industry's chain of responsibility to make voluntary commitments to continuous improvement within their segment, and to improve cooperation and communication between the various segments of the maritime industry. It has the over-arching objective of obtaining zero fatalities, zero pollution and zero detentions throughout the maritime industry, and looks to bring about an exchange of creative ideas and innovations for improvement involving all sectors of the maritime industry. The Poseidon Challenge Award has been created to recognise outstanding accomplishments in continuous improvement in the maritime industry. 


The judging panel consists of five members: Nicholas Fistes, Chairman of INTERTANKO; Chris Horrocks, former Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping; Thimio Mitropoulos, IMO Secretary General; Thomas Tay, General Secretary for the Singapore Maritime Officers' Union; Stephen Van Dyck, Chairman of the Poseidon Challenge.



An award applicant can be any company, division within a company or individual within a company that is involved in any sector of the maritime industry.


These sectors include, but may not be limited to, agents, brokers, bunker suppliers, cargo owners, charterers, classification societies, coastal states, education, equipment suppliers, financiers, flag states, insurers, labour providers, P&I clubs, pilots, ports, port states, salvors, seafarers, ship breakers, shipbuilders, ship designers, ship managers, ship operators, ship owners, ship repair facilities, spill response, terminals, tug operators, training, and waterways authorities.


Nomination Criteria

Applicants should be nominated based upon one or more of the following:


1.  Sustained commitment to continuous improvement.

2.  Voluntary efforts to raise or set higher standards for performance.

3.  Significant outreach toward working together with other sectors in the
     maritime industry.

4.  Setting goals of excellence and taking tangible steps toward achieving the

5.  Leadership in moving the maritime industry towards continuous improvement.


Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated and the winner will be selected based upon the following selection criteria.  Specific metrics to quantify or measure the degree or level of achievement are strongly encouraged.


1.  The degree of commitment and level of improvement achieved;

2.  The degree of standards set and the level of performance achieved;

3.  The extent of the outreach sought and the level of success achieved;

4.  The extent or degree of the goals set and the level of success achieved;

5.  The extent of the leadership and the level of success achieved.



Nomination applications should include the following:


1.  The name, address and contact information of the nominee.

2.  The name, address and contact information of the nominator.

3.  A brief summary of the theme of the achievement(s).

4.  A detailed description of what the nominee did to achieve one or more of the
     nomination criteria listed above.

5.  The description of the quantitative or qualitative results achieved.


Address for submission of nominations

Applications should be submitted by mail or by e-mail to:


Poseidon Challenge Award Nomination

Poseidon Challenge Executive Office,

Ninth Floor,

St. Clare House,

30-33 Minories,

London EC3N 1DD,

United Kingdom


Contact: Bill Box or Joe Angelo