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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Houston - The Associate Members Committee (AMC)

One of the main issues discussed at the meeting of the Associate Members Committee held on 25 March, in connection with the INTERTANKO Tanker Event in Houston, was INTERTANKO's position on raising awareness of international environmental issues and ensuring that such enhanced focus finds its way to the Poseidon Challenge. The need to benchmark all improvements in quality achieved under the Poseidon Challenge against transparent criteria was again emphasised. It was agreed to invite a representative from the INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC) to the next AMC meeting for the purpose of conducting a further debate on environmental issues and providing input into the environmental agenda. It was suggested that an intermediate AMC meeting in Oslo be held concurrently with the NOR-SHIPPING event in June to discuss environmental issues.


The AMC discussed how to find a new representative for oil companies in the Committee, and planned the way forward. The AMC is optimistic that the work already undertaken will lead to an imminent replacement.


The AMC was again pleased to welcome Jeanne Cardona, the Executive Director of the Association of Shipbrokers and Agents in the U.S. (ASBA), who gave a highly interesting presentation on the formal quality certification which has been undertaken for its agent members. This is indeed a most welcome project which also ties in well with the ideas behind the Poseidon Challenge. It will also give valuable input to the international efforts to raise quality in this business segment and for the additional purpose of securing adequate remuneration for quality agency work. The presentation will be made available to INTERTANKO members at the earliest opportunity.


Prior to its meeting the AMC had announced a new opportunity for interaction between associate members in the form of an Open Hour for all associate members attending the Tanker Event. This session followed immediately after the closed AMC meeting. Although the AMC had hoped to see more than the ten associate members that showed up, it decided that an Open Hour would be arranged in conjunction with future AMC meetings at the annual Tanker Event. The hope is that the regularity of such a session will gradually be taken advantage of by attending delegates and thus contribute to an improved interaction between associate members in general.


During the Open Hour, Thomas Springer, the Director of Biehl Inc. in Houston gave a presentation on LNG terminals in the U.S. and the respective expansion plans for of such energy import facilities. This will be made available to the membership at the earliest opportunity.


The AMC again conducted its quality screening of the applications received for associate membership.


Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen