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Saturday, October 20, 2018

INTERTANKO's Executive Committee meets in Oslo

A well-attended meeting of the INTERTANKO Executive Committee was held in Oslo, 11-12 June 2007, under the chairmanship for the first time of Nicholas G. Fistes. This was the third meeting of the Executive Committee this year.


High on the agenda were two of the industry’s key policy issues: a) ship recycling; and b) Revision of MARPOL Annex VI – Air Emissions from Ships. A lengthy deliberation preceded the Executive Committee conclusions on the next steps, which are in line with the mandates given by the Council at its recent meeting in Houston in March 2007.


On the issue of ship recycling, the Executive Committee endorsed the INTERTANKO Environmental Committee’s continued activity on INTERTANKO’s Interim Strategy Programme on Ship Recycling in line with the Council’s mandate. The Executive Committee also took note of the report of the Secretariat with regard to the positive work undertaken within the Industry Working Group, including its recent meeting in April, where the Secretariat presented the main Strategy document - a first draft of a Guidance model - together with a reception facility questionnaire.


The IMO continues to develop its draft Convention on Ship Recycling, which is scheduled for adoption in 2009 but is unlikely to enter into force until 2012, at the earliest. The Committee noted that, given this timescale, the attention of the EU Member States, the European Commission and the Environmental NGO Platform on Ship Recycling remains on the need to improve conditions between now and when the Convention is completed - with the focus on the single-hull phase-out and the potential increase in tonnage to be scrapped before the Convention is adopted. Finally, the Executive Committee discussed how a list of acceptable breaking facilities can be made available to ship owners and operators.


INTERTANKO Technical Director, Dragos Rauta, reported on the principal developments on the issue of the Revision of MARPOL Annex VI – Air Emissions from Ships. The most important of these was the IMO Secretary General's recently-announced initiative to establish the Marine Environment Protection Committee’s (MEPC's) across-government/industry IMO Group of Experts, which is aimed at facilitating the process of introducing an effective international regulation within the time constraints already set (i.e. 2008). The Terms of Reference and the timeframe for the activity of this Group of Experts are still to be finalised.


In addition to this, the Executive Committee discussed the developments from BLG 11 on the revision of MARPOL Annex VI - a comparison of the different proposals; timescales; costs.


Other issues discussed by the Executive Committee were:

a)     the activities of the Human Element in Shipping Committee, in particular, the issue of appropriate levels of manning, and the Vetting Committee’s work in developing a best practice guideline regarding ILO 180 compliance;

b)     the Oil Companies’ officer matrix levels, and the initiatives of the INTERTANKO Vetting Committee’s Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS) Working Group;

c)     Updates on European Issues, in particular, the Green Paper on a future EU maritime policy and INTERTANKO’s second submission to the European Commission;

d)     Updates on U.S. issues – Massachusetts Lawsuit, Lawsuit on ballast water discharges, California Air Resources Board (CARB) Air Emissions Standards;

e)     Proposed voluntary fund for maintaining and improving aids to navigation in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore;

f)       Survey of Pilot Errors.


The Executive Committee noted the proposed dates for the Annual Tanker Event and the Poseidon Challenge in Istanbul, to run from Sunday 20 April to Wednesday 23 April 2008.


The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be in Paris on 1/2 October 2007.


Contact: Minerva R. Alfonso