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Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Associate Members Committee (AMC) met in London

The Associate Members Committee (AMC) recently conducted its 21st meeting in London. Click here to view the outline of the agenda.


In accordance with what has become normal practice, all associate members had, prior to the meeting, been given the opportunity to comment or submit additional items for the agenda. The AMC will continue to scrutinise how a more active interaction with the associate membership can be developed. It plans to invite all associate members attending the 2007 Houston Tanker Event to an informal gathering where contacts can be made and ideas and concerns aired. In addition, the AMC will invite the Managing Director and Chairman of INTERTANKO to attend the next AMC meeting in order to address and explore the role of the AMC within the organisation.


In preparation for the 2007 Houston Tanker Event's Poseidon Challenge session, the AMC Flag representative informed on how he planned to launch his presentation at the Tanker Event. One part will concentrate on how to lift the quality in the associate membership. The other items will be dedicated to flag issues and recent quality achievements.


The AMC Secretary presented an overview of the involvement of associate members in the Tanker Event, thus responding to the continuous focus placed by the AMC on utilising the resources present in the associate membership for the maximum benefit of the overall membership.


The AMC will endeavour to contribute further, as found relevant, to the Tanker Event agenda.


The Port of Rotterdam delivered a highly topical presentation on the importance of access to complete and updated port information, a project initiated by the International Harbour Masters' Association. INTERTANKO will provide full details as soon as permitted.


The AMC was pleased to welcome the newly appointed General Manager of InterManager who gave a presentation on InterManager and gave his views on how InterManager plans to serve the shipping industry in the future. The organisation, which has NGO status at IMO, will seek a closer cooperation with industry partners. Further talks on these matters will be conducted. Click here to view the presentation.


The AMC cleared the applications received for associate membership and issued its recommendation to the INTERTANKO Council that they be approved.


Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen