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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

IT Committee meeting held in Singapore last week

The second meeting of the IT Committee this year was held last week in Singapore and was chaired by Patrick Slesinger, Director and CIO of Wallem Shipmanagement Limited, on behalf of the IT Committee Chairman Eyvind Klewe, Manager, Information Services, Broström Tankers AS, who is currently on sick leave.


Onboard Computer Based Training (CBT)


INTERTANKO’s Secretary to the IT Committee, Minerva Alfonso, reported that the Secretariat had received a number of positive replies from INTERTANKO members volunteering to evaluate the free trial CBT disks covering:

a) Shipboard Familiarisation;

b) Learning MS Word;

c) Learning MS Excel;

d) Shipboard Security Training;

e) Fire Fighting;

f) First Aid;

g) Sea Survival.


The Committee would like to thank the following associate members for providing the free trial disks:

International Development and Environmental Shipping School (IDESS);

International Business Solutions S.A.;

Seagull AS.


The Committee has finalised the evaluation forms, which will be circulated with the free trial disks. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage INTERTANKO members who have not used CBTs to appraise the added benefits of using them as part of a blend of learning events. When integrated into a properly managed competence development system, CBTs should be able to deliver measurable results in safety and operational proficiency and cost savings.


Reference Library of Ship Equipment


Alfonso reported on the progress of the development of the database for the central document repository of ship equipment. The client version was made available on 4 May 2007 for the first phase of the pilot project.


The Committee deliberated on the tree structure of the software, which is currently vessel-based. The Committee suggested that a more appropriate approach would be to structure the database according to the equipment type and preferably not linked to vessel specifics. The software developer, MESPAS, confirmed that it is not a problem to adapt to this new structure.


In addition, the Committee proposed that a dynamic bulletin board with forum signatures should be linked to the database in order to allow for freeform text and requests for ship equipment manuals that are currently not in the database to be distributed to pilot project members. This would facilitate the sharing of information.


For the purpose of this pilot project the Committee is focusing on marine pollution equipment categories. A wider participation will be sought by the Committee for the second phase of the pilot project, which may include other industry associations.


Contact: Minerva R. Alfonso