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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

INTERTANKO's Annex VI proposal presented to the Canadians

INTERTANKO's option for ship owners to meet stricter Annex VI requirements to reduce ship emissions was presented by Erik Ranheim, Manager of INTERTANKO's Research & Project Section, to the International Ship-Owners Alliance of Canada (ISAC), the Vancouver ship owners and the Canadian Maritime Administration, on 27 September in Vancouver


Ranheim emphasised that shipping needs a practical and long-term solution in order to meet stricter emission requirements, and he demonstrated that switching to distillates was the only sustainable solution today, even if this would take some time to implement.


Exhaust scrubbers are still being tested, but they will be an expensive option and they will generate harmful waste that has to be safely disposed of by the ship owner. There is also a great deal of scepticism among the authorities over the waste water from scrubbers and what to do with it. The buffering effect of the dilute sulphurous waste as it hits the sea water will lead to the release of almost three times as much C02 as the amount of Sox removed.


Tina Stotz, Holland America Lines, reported on the testing of a scrubber on board one of their passenger ships. She said that it had been difficult and expensive to install and this had taken longer than anticipated. Only one scrubber was tested on one of the vessel's five engines. She did not believe that it would be viable to install scrubbers on all engines, perhaps on a maximum of three. 


ISAC supports the INTERTANKO proposal to switch to distillates. The Canadian Administration is so far only sympathetic to our proposal. Canada to a great extent supports the U.S. proposal, but a final decision on how it will stand has not yet been made. Ranheim said that before taking a standpoint, it would at least be reasonable to wait until the IMO Group of Experts had come up with their conclusions.


Arthur Bowring of the Hong Kong Shipowners' Association supported the INTERTANKO proposal, but was concerned to find an interim solution until switching to distillates becomes possible. 


Click here to view Ranheim's presentation.


Contact: Erik Ranheim