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Saturday, October 20, 2018

INTERTANKO emphasises international regulation and staying ahead of the game at International Propeller Club and Bahamas AGM in Athens

The International Propeller Club’s three-day Convention included a session on the environment at which INTERTANKO Chairman Nick Fistes gave a presentation to delegates on “The need for international regulation rather than conflicting state regulations of ships”.


Sharing a platform with BP Shipping’s Vice President of Government & Industry Simon Lisiecki and with Intercargo Chairman Nicky Pappadakis, Fistes pointed to the slow erosion of the principle of international regulation for shipping, and highlighted that the particular problem for ship owners is that any discrepancies between international and regional regulation put them and their ships right in the firing line.


The Bahamas Shipowners Association’s AGM in Athens last week included a discussion session on “Is rule compliance sufficient to protect the environment?”. The keynote address was given by Thimio Mitropoulos (Secretary General, IMO), and the discussion was led and assisted by a panel which included George Gratsos (President, Hellenic Chamber of Shipping), Nicos Efthymiou (President, Union of Greek Shipowners), Capt. Phil Davies (Director, Oil Companies International Marine Forum), Bill Box (Greece/Cyprus Area Manager, Communications and PR, INTERTANKO).


Secretary General Mitropoulos stressed that compliance is a starting point and that rules need to be fully and properly put into practice. He encouraged people to think of the nature of compliance, and to ask themselves whether they are embracing the letter of compliance or the spirit of compliance.


The fundamental message coming from the panellists was of embracing best practice and, despite the growing amount of environmental regulation, doing one’s utmost to protect the environment rather then achieving minimal compliance, by being responsible, proactive and eager to stay ahead of the game.


Efthymiou added that we need reality to help our industry image – and that we have to create that reality. To take us beyond compliance we need motivation of the spirit, he continued, with motivation needing to enter the language of Class, oil companies and the IMO.


Contact: Bill Box