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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

No. 07/2007




Latin America to be represented at Houston Tanker Event 2007

We are pleased to announce that Her Excellency Liliana Fernandez Puentes, Ambassador of Panama to the United Kingdom , will be speaking on the Panama Maritime Authority at our Houston Tanker Event, 26-28 March 2007.   She will deliver her keynote speech at the official opening of the event, along with Admiral Thad Allen, Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, and Thomas Kornegay, Executive Directo...... More


Norway to implement IMO Ballast Convention in 2007

Norway recently passed national legislation which will ensure that the IMO’s International Convention for the Control and Management for Ships’ Ballast Water will be implemented for ships entering Norwegian waters by the end of 2007. INTERTANKO welcomes this bold move by the Norwegian administration, which goes with the country’s formal ratification of the IMO’s Ballast Water Convention.   As p...... More


INTERTANKO reports from 51st session of IMO Sub-committee on Fire Protection (FP 51)

Last week INTERTANKO participated in the 51 st session of the IMO’s Sub-committee on Fire Protection (FP 51). A broad range of issues could not be addressed at this session and were therefore assigned to various Correspondence Groups. The following is a summary of the issues dealt with that are relevant to INTERTANKO’s members.   Inert Gas requirements for tankers less than 20,000 DWT   After a...... More


WMO-IMO Consultative Meeting on Voluntary Observing Ships

INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO were invited to a World Meteorological Organization (WMO)-International Maritime Organization (IMO) Consultative Meeting held this week at the WMO Headquarters in Geneva .    The meeting was dominated by security-related concerns regarding the current availability of the positions of VOS (Voluntary Observing Ships) on public websites in connection with weather...... More


Ukrainian ballast problems

INTERTANKO has again been informed by members in the past two weeks of an increase in the imposition of fines by the State Inspectorate for the Protection of the Black Sea (SIPBS). Incidents in the Ports of Odessa, Ilychevsk and Yuzhny have been recorded, all based on the same principles issued by the SIPBS.   Ships are requested to exchange their ballast in the Black Sea prior to entering and...... More


INTERTANKO’s Latin American Panel holds very successful 6th meeting in Panama

Under the new chairmanship of Carlos Juan Madinabeitia of Tradewind Tankers, INTERTANKO’s Latin American Panel concluded a very successful sixth meeting in Panama City , Panama , this week, which was held in conjunction with the biennial Panama Maritime VIII Conference. The meeting was attended by members from Brazil , Chile , Panama and Venezuela , as well as senior representatives from the...... More


INTERTANKO Asian Panel meet in Hong Kong, China

INTERTANKO’s Asian Panel met this week in Hong Kong, China  for its first meeting of 2007. Despite the meeting being scheduled so close to the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Chairman, Dr. J. H. Lee, was able to welcome a strong presence from members in the region.   The Panel was provided with an agenda focused on the key issues to be discussed further at the upcoming INTERTANKO Council meeting in...... More


INTERTANKO’s IT Committee discusses reference library and shipboard IT training at London meeting

The IT Committee held its first meeting in 2007 at the INTERTANKO London office this week, under the chairmanship of Eyvind Klewe of Broströms Tankers AS.   Reference Library of Ship Equipment   The Committee noted the work done by the Secretariat to initiate the pilot project for the ship equipment database, and welcomed the participants of the pilot scheme, which is due to start end-March 200...... More


INTERTANKO cadet berth availability survey

There is concern in the industry regarding the reduction in the number of young officers going to sea, and INTERTANKO’s Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC) has been tasked, i.a., with promoting a career at sea among the younger generations.   A key element is the staff supply and the shortage of seafarers generally, but a further important aspect is the difficulty of securing cabin spac...... More


INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC) to meet on 1-2 March 2007 in London

The INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC) will hold its 30th meeting for one and a half days on 1-2 March 2007 at INTERTANKO’s London office.   The plan is to have a joint meeting with the Environmental Committee on 1 March and with the Bunker Sub-Committee on 2 March as follows:   1 March          -        Morning - ISTEC / Environmental Committee - Joint Session    ...... More


INTERTANKO's Bunker Sub-committee to meet on 2 March in London office

The Bunker Sub-Committee will hold its 19th meeting on 2 March at the INTERTANKO London office.   The plan is to have a joint meeting with the ISTEC (INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee) on the morning of the 2 March, after which the Bunker Sub-committee will continue its meeting.   Members are reminded to register their attendance with:   Click he...... More


MSC 82 – Circulars now available

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS 50/2006 of 15 December 2006 related to MSC 82 approved circulars, the following circulars are now available.   MSC.1/Circ.1215 - Early implementation of amendments to SOLAS chapter III and the international Life-Saving Appliances (LSA) Code.   MSC.1/Circ.1217 - Interim Guidance on voluntary self-assessment by companies and company security officers (CSOs) f...... More


Improving prospects for the tanker market

The latest Oil Market report of the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) has revised oil demand for 2007 upwards by 0.3 million barrels per day (mbd) and non-OPEC-production downwards by 0.2 mbd. Both these changes should be positive for tankers with more oil travelling longer distances.       The tanker market has traditionally closely followed Middle East oil production, which has...... More



  • 21 February 2007 – INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members' Lunch Seminar, London
  • 28 February-1 March - INTERTANKO Environmental Committee Meeting, London
  • 6 March 2007 – INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum, Athens
  • 19 March 2007 - North American Panel meeting, Stamford, CT
  • 25 March 2007 - Associate Members Committee (AMC), Houston TX
  • 26-28 March 2007 - Annual Tanker Event, Houston TX
  • 26 March 2007 - Executive Committee meeting, Houston TX
  • 26-27 March 2007 - Council meeting, Houston TX
  • 27 March 2007 – Human Element in Shipping Committee, Houston TX
  • 28 March 2007 - Documentary Committee Meeting, Houston
  • 29 March 2007 - Tanker Chartering Seminar - Houston
  • 15 May 2007 - Half day (p.m.) Vetting Seminar, Athens
  • 16 May, 2007 - Vetting Committee meeting Athens
  • 16 May 2007 – INTERTANKO / INTERCARGO U.K. Members' Lunch Seminar, London
  • 30 May 2007 - Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, Singapore
  • 11-12 June 2007 - Executive Committee meeting, Oslo
  • 4 July 2007 – INTERTANKO / INTERCARGO U.K. Members' Lunch Seminar, London
  • 19 September 2007 – Asian Panel meeting, Tokyo
  • 1 October 2007 - Executive Committee meeting, Paris
  • 18 October 2007 - Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, London
  • 14 November 2007 – INTERTANKO / INTERCARGO U.K. Members' Lunch Seminar, London
  • 14 November 2007 - Executive Committee meeting, London
  • 15 November 2007 - Autumn Council meeting, London
  • 21 November 2007 – Half day (p.m.) Vetting Seminar Hong Kong, China
  • 22 November 2007 - Vetting Committee meeting, Hong Kong, China
... More


2006/7 publications catalogue   INTERTANKO's full publications catalogue for 2006/7 is available online as a downloadable pdf file   Three easy ways to order:   Download an this form and fax to our Oslo office on +47 22 12 26 41 Send your order by e-mail to Order directly from our online bookshop     **...... More



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