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Thursday, October 18, 2018

INTERTANKO’s IT Committee discusses reference library and shipboard IT training at London meeting

The IT Committee held its first meeting in 2007 at the INTERTANKO London office this week, under the chairmanship of Eyvind Klewe of Broströms Tankers AS.


Reference Library of Ship Equipment


The Committee noted the work done by the Secretariat to initiate the pilot project for the ship equipment database, and welcomed the participants of the pilot scheme, which is due to start end-March 2007.

Zurich-based Mespas AG has volunteered to provide the database, which will initially focus on marine pollution prevention equipment during the pilot project.  Peter Fah’s presentation illustrated the structure of the Mespas R5 database, which i.a. can maintain a real-time centralised storage facility whose information can be customised to vessel-specific data.

The first phase of the pilot project is to determine the suitability of the software for uploading and downloading equipment manuals in bulk. Fah confirmed that Mespas can provide document scanning and data capture services, including vessel-specific drawings and photographs, and provide bulk document scanning, data key entry, OCR and PDF conversion to capture any form of information in electronic format. The scanned documents are then stored on the central server and linked to the relevant vessel and equipment, providing an individual document library for each vessel.

The Committee deliberated on the functionalities of the software with a plan to give its first assessment of the pilot project at the Committee’s next meeting in August. The Committee's additional queries as well as its request for a post-pilot project proposal from Mespas, will be addressed by Mespas in the next couple of weeks.


This repository will provide a facility where INTERTANKO members can share information, which will address the issue of the lack of ship equipment manuals, as well as the difficulty of obtaining these from manufacturers. The database will be categorised, and will provide vessel-specific information on the following equipment categories:  Marine Pollution Prevention, Life-Saving Appliances, Fire Protection, Navigation Equipment and Radio Communication.


IT Training for shipboard personnel


The Committee discussed the replies from INTERTANKO’s members to the IT Questionnaire last year. These revealed that they consider IT training for crew, CBT training, and on-board distance learning software as the most relevant to their operations. Possible initiatives in this area include sending free evaluation CBT software to INTERTANKO members.  The IT Committee will be working closely with INTERTANKO’s Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC) on this issue.


Date of next meeting


The next meeting of the IT Committee is scheduled for 3 August in Singapore.


Contact:  Minerva R. Alfonso