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Saturday, October 20, 2018

No. 03/2008




INTERTANKO and the International Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) initiate Discussion Group

The Chairman of the INTERTANKO Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee's (ISTEC) Pilotage Working Group, Capt Nigel Adams of V.Ships, together with Joe Angelo and Fredrik Larsson from the INTERTANKO Secretariat, met the International Maritime Pilots' Association's (IMPA) President Capt Michael R. Watson, its Secretary General Nick Cutmore, and its Executive Director/General Counsel Paul G...... More


IMO's Sub-committee on Fire Protection (FP 52) - Inert gas for new ships

The IMO's Sub-committee on Fire Protection (FP 52) considered this week measures for newbuildings to prevent explosions on oil and chemical tankers transporting low flash point cargoes, i.e. an extension of the current inert gas regulations to newbuildings, which are currently exempted from the inert gas requirements. When the IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 83) agreed to include this matt...... More


Lost Time Indicator (LTI) Benchmarking System – Update on usage

Further to the launch of the Lost Time Indicator (LTI) Benchmarking System, we are pleased to report that, after two months of operation, the system now has 35 data entries of INTERTANKO member companies, and a further 39 users who have received access to the system in order to participate.   The system enables members to compare their Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) as well as Total Recordab...... More


Membership Satisfaction Survey – please participate

As in previous years, we are undertaking a Membership Satisfaction Survey as part of our ISO 9000 quality management system and INTERTANKO's own commitment to the quality of the services it provides to its members.   We would therefore be grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire distributed with the membership invoice and return it by fax to the number indicated, o...... More


INTERTANKO Asian Panel to meet in Singapore, 6 March

INTERTANKO’s Asian Panel is due to meet next in Singapore on 6 March 2008. Agenda notes and details of the meeting arrangements will be sent to Asia-Pacific based members in due course. For further information in the meantime, please contact Tim Wilkins, regional Manager Asia-Pacific, based in the INTERTANKO Singapore Office.   Contact : Tim Wilkins ... More


IEA report January

The fall in stocks in November and the increase in OPEC production in December partly explain the extremely strong tanker market in that period.   At the same time as the availability of VLCCs was at half its normal level - partly due to slow steaming - the number of VLCC fixtures heading eastwards, according to Clarksons, was 108 in November, which is the highest we have recorded. The average...... More



  • 18 January 2008 – Human Element in Shipping Committee meeting, London
  • 24-25 January 2008 - Executive Committee meeting, Hong Kong
  • 29 January 2008 - Documentary Committee meeting, London
  • 11/12 February 2008 - Insurance and Legal Committee meeting, Paris
  • 13 February 2008 - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members Lunch Seminar, London
  • 6 March 2008 – Asian Panel, Singapore
  • 12-13 March, 2008 – Latin American Panel meeting, Miami, FL, U.S.
  • 17 March 2008 – North American Panel meeting, Stamford, CT, U.S.
  • 19 March 2008 - Vetting Committee meeting, Connecticut, U.S.
  • 27 March 2008 – Hellenic Forum meeting, Athens
  • 8 April 2008 - Chemical Seminar, Panama
  • 9 April 2008 – Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, Panama
  • 16 April 2008 - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members Lunch Seminar, London
  • 20 April 2008 - Executive Committee meeting, Istanbul
  • 21 April 2008 – Associate Members Committee meeting, Istanbul
  • 21 April 2008 – Spring Council meeting, Istanbul
  • 20-23 April 2008 – INTERTANKO's Annual Tanker Event, Istanbul
  • First week June 2008 - Executive Committee meeting, Athens
  • 4 June 2008 - Chemical Tanker Committee, Singapore
  • 25 June 2008 - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members Lunch Seminar, London
  • 11 September 2008 – Chemical Tanker Sub-committee (Americas) meeting, U.S. NE Coast
  • 19 November 2008 - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members Lunch Seminar, London

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