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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

No. 12/2008




INTERTANKO's London and Oslo offices closed for public Easter Holidays 21 and 24 March

Our offices in London and in Oslo will be closed for public Easter Holidays on Friday 21 March and Monday 24 March. The Oslo office will also be closed on Norway 's public holiday on Thursday 20 March.   Our offices in Washington and Singapore will be open as usual during this period.   ... More


INTERTANKO e-mail disruption last week

A virus in INTERTANKO's e-mail server caused it to be shut down at the end of the afternoon on Friday 14 March. It remained shut down over the weekend. Since it was restarted on Monday, there has been some confusion over a number of e-mails not sent and received as expected.   If you sent INTERTANKO an e-mail during the period between Friday 14/3 afternoon and Monday 17/3 noon, and you have not...... More


"Issues of Vital Importance to the Industry" discussed at opening session of CMA 2008

The importance of global legislation; the need for more and better self regulation; the value of a strong and regular dialogue with politicians and regulators; the challenges of managing the principal environmental issues before the industry and the " good"   business opportunities that these present; the continuing need to address training standards; the requirement to heighten awareness of th...... More


New Postgraduate Maritime Education Institute planned in Dubai - industry views being sought on course content and future skill needs

Leading international maritime education, research and innovation institutions are planning to establish a new " International Institute of Maritime Science"   for postgraduate studies in Dubai .   The involved universities of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), the principal international ship owners' associations and other maritime industry representatives,...... More


Philippines' single-hull ban from 30 April 2008

Further to our previous advice in the Weekly NEWS on the Philippines ' single-hull ban ( click here to view), it is our understanding, based on first-hand reports, that the 'April 2008' deadline is being interpreted as April 30, and that there will be no slippage in this deadline. The ruling applies to all oil tankers.   We can now make available to you the relevant Maritime Industry Authority...... More


Vetting Committee meeting #32 held in Connecticut this week

The INTERTANKO Vetting Committee met in Connecticut this week. The Agenda will be of particular interest to members, as it includes a summary of the INTERTANKO Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS) - scheduled for release in April 2008; a round-up of the work of the committee's various working groups; the latest on the Terminal Vetting Database; various benchmarking initiatives; plus other...... More


INTERTANKO hosts Chemical Seminar in Panama

INTERTANKO is pleased to advise members that it is hosting a Chemical Seminar in Panama on 8 April 2008 at the Sheraton Panama Hotel & Convention Centre, Via Israel & 77 th Street , San Francisco , Panama City, Republic of Panama .   Attendance is free of charge, and members may send as many delegates as they wish. All we request is that members complete the registration form in order that we c...... More


European and U.S. oil imports declining

      European oil imports are declining for the second year running. Imports from three main sources (Europe, Middle East, Africa ) are declining, whereas the share of European oil imports from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) has more than tripled since 1995 to 36.3% of the total, or 4.8 mbd.   The increase in supply from the FSU has more than compensated for the decline in North Sea oil...... More



  • 27 March 2008 – Hellenic Forum meeting, Athens
  • 8 April 2008 - Chemical Seminar, Panama
  • 9 April 2008 – Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, Panama
  • 16 April 2008 - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members Lunch Seminar, London
  • 17 April 2008 – Bunker Sub-committee meeting, Istanbul
  • 17 April 2008 – Environmental Committee meeting, Istanbul
  • 18-19 April 2008 – INTERTANKO Safety, Technical & Environmental Committee meeting, Istanbul
  • 20 April 2008 - Executive Committee meeting, Istanbul
  • 20 April 2008 - Human Element in Shipping Committee meeting, Istanbul
  • 21 April 2008 – Associate Members Committee meeting, Istanbul
  • 21 April 2008 – Spring Council meeting, Istanbul
  • 22 April 2008 – Tanker Chartering Seminar, Istanbul
  • 20-23 April 2008 – INTERTANKO's Annual Tanker Event, Istanbul
  • 4 June 2008 - Chemical Tanker Committee, Singapore
  • 25 June 2008 - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members Lunch Seminar, London
  • 11 September 2008 – Chemical Tanker Sub-committee (Americas) meeting, U.S. NE Coast
  • Early September 2008 - Executive Committee meeting, Monaco
  • 19 November 2008 - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members Lunch Seminar, London
... More


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Lloyd's List, 18.03.08 - Track record of Greek quartet speaks for itself Lloyd's List, 19.03.08 - Swift slams industry's lack of respect for seafarers ... More