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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

INTERTANKO meets prospective new members in Mexico City

INTERTANKO’s Deputy Managing Director, Joe Angelo, went to Mexico City this week to meet with prospective new members. This visit is part of INTERTANKO’s Latin America Panel’s new strategy to make tanker owners in the Latin American region more aware of INTERTANKO and the benefits that INTERTANKO can provide to Latin American tanker owners. The meeting was set up and arranged by Jose Luis Hernandez of P.M.I. Trading Ltd (PMI).


Angelo also had separate meetings with the Director General of the Mexican Merchant Marine, Jose Tomas Lozano y Pardinas, and members of his staff; Senator Sebastian Calderon Centeno, Chairman of the Mexican Senate Commission on Merchant Marine; Rosendo Zambrano, Director of PMI; and Capt Mario Alejandro Camacho Vidal, Secretary for the Mexican Pilots Association.


A detailed overview of INTERTANKO and the benefits it offers was provided. Other issues that were discussed included air emissions from ships, recycling of ships, ballast water management, long range identification and tracking of ships, and a variety of human element issues, including the newly created Tanker Officer Training System (TOTS), cadet berthing, INTERTANKO guidelines on ILO 180 and ship manning.


As a follow-up to this meeting, INTERTANKO will hold its next Latin American Panel meeting in Mexico in the last week of October. Further details will follow in a future Weekly NEWS issue.


Contact: Joe Angelo