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Saturday, October 20, 2018

No. 27/2008




Industry associations agree to co-ordinate efforts to attract new recruits

This week's conference on "Resolving Shipping's Image Crisis" provided the opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the inter-related issues of shipping's image and the growing shortage of qualified seafarers. The summit, organised by Ship Management International and held in Limassol, attracted senior representatives of i.a. shipmanagers, shipowners, industry associations and maritime environme...... More


Efthimios Mitropoulos receives lifetime achievement award at Turkish "Golden Anchor" ceremony

The IMO Secretary General, Efthimios Mitropoulos, was recognised with a lifetime achievement award at the 2008 "Altin Çipa" (Golden Anchor) dinner in Istanbul last week.   In accepting this on behalf of the IMO, the Member States, observers and secretariat, he spoke of Turkey 's recent successes, initiatives and achievements, across a wide spectrum of maritime industries and activities.   The...... More


Tanker incidents down in first half of 2008

It is encouraging to see that the strong upward trend in the number of incidents since 2006 now seems to have eased. We have recorded 140 incidents during the first half of 2008 compared to 162 during the same period in 2007. If this trend continuous during the second part of 2008, we will se a 14% reduction in the number of incidents.   Unfortunately the number of fatalities is rather high....... More


Global oil product demand expected to grow by 1.6% per year

In its Medium term Oil Market Report, the ( Paris-based) International Energy Agency ( IEA) says that global oil product demand is expected to grow by 1.6% per year on average over the next five years, rising from 86.9 mbd in 2008 to 94.1 mbd in 2013. The pattern of growth is diametrically opposed to the trends in supply, with the growth dragged down by slower GDP growth in 2008 and 2009, befor...... More



  • 04 September 2008 – Human Element in Shipping Committee meeting, London
  • 04 September 2008 – INTERTANKO Offshore Tanker Committee (IOTC) meeting, Oslo
  • 08 September 2008 – Associate Members Committee meeting, Connecticut
  • 11 September 2008 – Executive Committee meeting, Monaco
  • 12-13 September 2008 – ISTEC meeting, Monaco
  • 23-24 September 2008 – Chemical Tanker Sub-committee (Americas) meeting, Boston
  • 14 October 2008 – North American Panel meeting, Houston
  • 23 October 2008 – Hellenic Mediterranean Panel meeting, Athens
  • 28-29 October 2008 – Latin American Panel meeting, Cancun, Mexico
  • 3/5 November 2008 – Asian Regional Panel meeting, Hong Kong
  • 12 November 2008 – Chemical Tanker Committee meeting, Singapore
  • 17 November 2008 – Executive Committee meeting, London
  • 18 November 2008 – Council meeting, London
  • 19 November 2008 - INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members Lunch Seminar, London

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INTERTANKO's ILO 180/MLC 2006 guidance booklet now available!

This new INTERTANKO booklet aims to evaluate how the safety management system could be used to assist in establishing a compliance guidance document for ILO 180/MLC 2006 and provides guidance on:   a)      how to implement, comply, monitor and audit the hours of work or rest requirements and b)      how to provide documentary evidence of compliance.   The book was produced jointly by INTERTANKO...... More