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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd (Tasweeq)

Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd (normally identified by the Arabic name of Tasweeq) was established by Qatar Government Decree as the sole export marketer of  Regulated Products manufactured in Qatar to support the country’s increasing natural gas and oil production. Regulated Products currently include LPG, refined products, condensates and sulphur. 


As part of this process Tasweeq has established a Ship Quality Assurance System designed to ensure that ships chartered or approved by Tasweeq to export Regulated Products meet or exceed legal and regulatory requirements and recognised industry standards. 


The Tasweeq QA System may also be used by other companies in Qatar to export other products from Qatar which may include Crude and LNG.  Details of the assurance system and Tasweeq contact details may be accessed here 


Contact: Howard Snaith