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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hebei Spirit officers granted bail – industry rally postponed

INTERTANKO welcomes Thursday’s news that the two officers from the Hebei Spirit have been granted bail (set at around USD 10,000 per man) and that they were released from prison immediately.




(The Hebei Two reunited with their families - click HERE for a full-sized picture.)


South Korea’s Supreme Court granted bail after a concerted campaign on behalf of the ‘Hebei Two’  by organisations and associations right across the maritime industry. However, they are not allowed to leave Korea without the permission of the Supreme Court pending the final decision of this Court which will be made in the next few months.


The Korean authorities have been very conscious of the international outcry following the December Appeal Court conviction of the two men which reversed the decision of the June court hearing that found them innocent. An international rally was planned to take place next week outside the Korean Embassy in London. In addition, the Korea Maritime Safety Tribunal, on whose report the Appeal Court decision was based, presented its report last week to an informal international gathering at the IMO headquarters in London where INTERTANKO Managing Director Dr Peter Swift strongly criticised parts of the report as “nonsensical and flawed”.


In view of today’s bail announcement for the ‘Hebei Two’, the trade associations and unions involved in the planned rally – V.Ships, the ITF, INTERTANKO, Intercargo and IMEC - have agreed to call off the action scheduled for January 23 in London.

See press release .


This postponement/suspension does not take away from the fact that the task still remains to ensure that the ‘Hebei Two’ are exonerated from all blame and are allowed to  return home.


Contact: Bill Box