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Monday, October 22, 2018

INTERTANKO continues its fight for the Hebei Two

Previous issues of the Weekly NEWS have reported on the continuing efforts of INTERTANKO to secure the return to India of Captain Chawla and Chief Officer Chetan, Master and Chief Officer of the Hebei Spirit (called the ‘Hebei Two’) who have now spent in excess of 16 months in Korea.


Having been adjudged innocent of the charges of destruction of the vessel, charges for which the two officers have spent a traumatic period in a Korean jail, the officers ought now to be able to return to their families. However, the Supreme Court decision has now been remanded to the lower court for judgment. The officers may be expected to remain in Korea under the court ‘exit ban’ until the lower court confirms that decision. This could take months. Lawyers for the Hebei Two have applied to the court to lift the exit ban previously in place and allow the officers to return home to their families, even on a temporary basis. The Chairman of INTERTANKO, Nicholas G. Fistes has already written to the Court supporting that application.


Given the timely meetings of the INTERTANKO Executive Committee and Council in Tokyo this week, all attendees personally signed a letter which was delivered the same day to Korea’s Supreme Court urging them either to allow the Hebei Two to leave Korea, or, at the very least, to expedite any necessary hearing of the lower court.


To see a copy of the letter click here


Lawyers for the Hebei Spirit have since confirmed that the hearing to lift the exit ban has since been scheduled for 26 May 2009.


Contact: Michele White