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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tokyo Tanker Event - Human Element & Piracy Focus session

1. "Internet accessibility and practicalities at sea", - Knut Helge Drivenes, ShipEquip AS


Knut Helge Drivenes, Sales Director with maritime communication provider ShipEquip, provided the audience with a presentation on about "Internet accessibility and practicalities at sea".


This is an issue which the INTERTANKO Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC) has on its work programme as part of its efforts relating to the attraction and retention of officers at sea. We were delighted with the information provided by Knut on how the internet can be part of life at sea. He focused on the change in communication needs, the availability of information to ships staff and the improvement in the life of ship staff,  the ease of accessibility to family and friends ashore.


A copy of his presentation can be found on the website at Intertanko Presentations.


2."Piracy - What can we do about it"- Capt Howard Snaith, INTERTANKO


Snaith provided an update and overview for delegates on the piracy situation in and around Somalia, and on the measures available to industry, as well as an update on activities and useful information regarding methods to detract, deter and delay piracy attacks. 


Snaith went on to make reference to some recent press comments regarding allegations that  piracy attacks in the Gulf of Aden and off the East Coast of Somalia were allegedly been coordinated out of a base in London - which some have taken to be a reference to the work of MSCHOA. He confirmed that, following correspondence with MSCHOA, we are able to confirm that these alleged concerns relating to MSCHOA website are totally unsubstantiated. The MSCHOA website has undergone a "penetration test" and it was determined that robust security is in place.


A copy of his presentation can be viewed on the website at Intertanko presentations.


Contact: Howard Snaith