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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Tokyo - The Associate Members Committee (AMC) launches session on “Risk Management, A necessary Tool for Surviving in Difficult Times”

The Associate Members Committee (AMC) places continuous focus on how best to contribute to the INTERTANKO work programme, and thus decided that the above theme, viewed from the varied angles represented within the AMC, ought to be of interest to the INTERTANKO membership against the backdrop of the current financial and freight markets.


The session was chaired by the AMC Chairman, Brad Berman, President of the Liberian Ship & Corporate Registry. He introduced the issue and the Panel and drew the picture as viewed by the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR). His presentation can be viewed here.


The first panellist, Monica Bonvalet, Director for Commercial Promotion, Grand Port Maritime de Marseille, presented the current and imminently planned security measures of the port. Click here to view her presentation.


Karl Lumbers, Director of Thomas Miller P & I Ltd emphasised the main elements of risk management from the P&I angle, including the main elements and types of major claims including what can be done. Click here to view his presentation.


Toshitomo Matsui, Managing Director of ClassNK focused on the need to understand difficult times and went on to inform on ClassNK’s activities related to risk assessment and management along with classification services and rules linked to lay-up of ships.  His presentation will be made available in next week's Weekly NEWS.


Captain Surendra Dutt, General Manger of Anglo-Eastern Ship Management (Singapore) Pte, concentrated on the issue of effective risk management for a ship manager and which benefits can be achieved through effective risk management. Click here to view his presentation.


Charles Parks, VP Marine Department, Tesoro Maritime Company, representing Refiners/Charterers, provided information on Tesoro’s refineries, location and capacity together with corporate production statistics. He went on informing of in-chartered fleet, the importance of vetting, vetting infrastructure and the vetting process. His presentation will be made available in next week's Weekly NEWS.


Denis Petropoulos, Executive Director, Braemar Shipping Services PLC, provided verbal comments on commercial aspects and elements related to the shipbrokers’ work and need for risk evaluations and management related to the chartering of ships. He reiterated the need to understand the commercial impact of the market; to build up close relationships between operator and charterers. He emphasised the need for efficiency, transparency and effective communication between charterer and ship operator.


Capt. Ralph Rohena, Director, HSE, Regulatory & Government Affairs, ConocoPhillips, representing oil companies, presented thoughts on goals and what is involved in marine vetting and risk management, tanker incidents developments, marine risk matrix. He went on to address ConocoPhillips’ vetting activities and manning issues. In this context he complimented INTERTANKO on its TOTS initiative. Click here to view his presentation.


The ensuing Q&A session dealt with lay-up, insurance considerations, value of accurate notices for terminals and scrapping.


It is INTERTANKO’s hope that this session has placed focus on the expertise represented in the AMC (i.e. in the associate membership) and that it will enhance the value of INTERTANKO associate membership.


Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen