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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Dalian Maritime University celebrates 100 years

Dalian Maritime University (DMU) in China celebrated its centenary at the end of last week by staging a high level maritime education forum and gala ceremony on its campus in Dalian. Hosted by DMU's President, Professor Zuwen Wang, the occasion was attended by many of the leading Chinese maritime figures who are alumni of the University and, in addition, drew a strong presence from key international shipping representatives, in particular the IMO Secretary General, Efthimios Mitropoulos.


The occasion marked a hundred years of maritime training in Dalian and demonstrated the significant role that the university has played in developing China's merchant navy as well as many of the country’s leading shipping figures today. Not only has it played a key role nationally, but the university also has an acclaimed status internationally.


Following the celebratory opening ceremony held in the grounds of the university, Professor Zuwen Wang hosted an afternoon Forum on International Maritime Education. In opening this Forum, Admiral Mitropoulos commented that while the industry faces pressure in dealing with issues such as piracy, the world economic crisis and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the issue relating to seafarer numbers and the potential for a manning crisis still exist and should not be overlooked.


INTERTANKO's Regional Manager Asia-Pacific, Tim Wilkins, also spoke at the International Maritime Education Forum, providing an overview of INTERTANKO's activity on the human element. Wilkins commented that while much of INTERTANKO's agenda would see benefits in terms of improving life at sea, such as reducing the number of inspections for quality tankers, INTERTANKO, primarily through its Human Element Committee, was now working on several initiatives which would directly enhance recruitment and retention, as well as welfare and well-being at sea. He also provided an overview of the Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS) as a further illustration of the industry's proactive approach to maritime training and seafarer development.


Wilkins concluded by emphasising the importance of maintaining the strong relationship between the University and INTERTANKO, commenting that many of DMU's alumni were now working with INTERTANKO on various levels from the national maritime safety administration to the IMO, and within many of INTERTANKO’s member companies in China.


Contact: Tim Wilkins