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Saturday, November 17, 2018

No. 31/2009




MEPC rejects Korea’s post-Hebei Spirit proposal to amend MARPOL Annex 1

Subsequent to   the final Korean Supreme Court's decision on the Hebei Two where the Master and Chief Officer were found guilty inter alia of criminal negligence for the oil spill from the VLCC Hebei Spirit in December 2007, Korea proposed at the IMO the addition of a new paragraph to Regulation 30 of MARPOL Annex I on pumping, piping and discharge arrangements, whereby the connection of an oil...... More



  • 18 August 2009 - Human Element in Shipping Committee, London
  • 11 September 2009 - Executive Committee Meeting - Copenhagen
  • 15 September 2009 - Associate Members Committee, London
  • 24 September 2009 – Bunker Sub-committee, Greece
  • 25-26 September 2009 – ISTEC, Greece
  • 01 October 2009 - Hellenic Mediterranean Panel, Athens
  • 07 October 2009 - North American Panel, Houston
  • 08 October 2009 - CTC & CTSCA, Houston
  • 13-14 October 2009 - Northern European Panel, Brussels
  • 15-16 October 2009 – Latin American Panel, Chile
  • 03 November 2009 – Asian Regional Panel, Hong Kong
  • 11 November 2009 - Council Meeting - London

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The INTERTANKO Bookshop and new range of e-books

INTERTANKO produces a wide range of guidelines and commentaries on issues related to technical, marine, operations, environmental, commercial and charterparty issues. Many of these guidelines are an essential complement to government and operational regulations. Today, INTERTANKO has over 40 titles.   E-books This service is designed so our readers can collate and manage their INTERTANKO e-book...... More


Best-selling and completely essential 2nd Edition of Guide for Correct Entries in the Oil Record Book available

This 2nd Edition of the Guide for Correct Entries in the Oil Record Book is an updated version which supersedes the 2006 edition.   This new edition addresses the increasing problems of ships being detained and fined due to equipment malfunction and also gives guidance on the management of ship oil-water separators in the engine room.   The 2nd edition includes a significant number of relevant...... More