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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Asian Members meet in Singapore and Hong Kong, China

In back–to-back meetings in Singapore and Hong Kong, China this week, INTERTANKO's Asia-Pacific members voiced their opinions on issues as diverse as safety of navigation in the Malacca and Singapore Straits to the shipping industry's greenhouse gas (GHG) policy ahead of the Copenhagen COP 15 meeting on climate change in December.


The gathering in Singapore, chaired by INTERTANKO Executive Committee member Bengt Hermelin of Samco Shipholdings Pte. Ltd., marked the beginning of a series of member seminars in the region extending into 2010 and aimed at gathering Members in each major centre within Asia-Pacific to review and consider INTERTANKO's activities on global and regional member issues. It proved a good starting point for the regional seminar, covering in equal balance the Association's international policy items, including Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and facilitation payments, to the more regionally focused matters such as the safety of navigation through the Singapore Straits. On the latter point, Members considered the relative merits of taking pilots during the entire transit through the Straits of Malacca and Singapore and the idea of establishing a pilotage user group for the region.


INTERTANKO's Managing Director, Peter Swift, and Regional Manager Asia-Pacific, then convened a meeting of the INTERTANKO Asian-Panel in Hong Kong, China. The more formal Panel meetings will continue to take place twice a year in coordination with the member seminars. Chairman of the Asian Panel, David Koo, noted the importance of the Secretariat maintaining a strong dialogue with its Members in the region while also bringing these Members together, not just on a national basis as with the member seminars, but also on a regional basis with the twice yearly Asian Panel meetings.


During the Hong Kong, China meeting Members talked in detail on the need for the Association to act on the issue of facilitation payments as a global concern for the shipping industry. From experiences exchanged in various parts of the world, not least in the Black Sea with the ongoing ballast water issue, it is clear that the problem is increasing in frequency.


The presentations given by Peter Swift and Tim Wilkins can be downloaded from here:


Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Dr Peter M. Swift

INTERTANKO and Council Agenda Overview – Dr Peter M. Swift

Asian Panel meeting - schedule and regional issues – Tim Wilkins


Contact: Tim Wilkins