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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

INTERTANKO’s Council met in London this week

INTERTANKO’s governing Council met in London this week under the chairmanship of the Association’s Chairman Graham Westgarth, to discuss a highly topical and comprehensive agenda.


With no additional candidates nominated for the Executive Committee election, the Council re-elected the following six candidates who were all willing to stand for a further term: Bengt Hermelin (Vice Chairman), Robert E. Johnston (Vice Chairman), David Koo (Vice Chairman), Herbjørn Hansson, Costis Kertsikoff and Kristian Mørch.


The Chairman welcomed Rajaish Bajpaee, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Hong Kong) Ltd. And Erik Donner, Lauritzen Tankers AS as new Council Members and thanked Anders Mortensen, Lauritzen Tankers AS, Alfred Sørensen, Dr. Peters Group and Børge Rosenberg, A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, who have stepped down, for their work and contributions to INTERTANKO’s work.


Council approved membership applications from:

  • Alison Management Corp.
  • Chemnav Shipmanagement Ltd.
  • Duzgit Shipholding Ltd.
  • Goodwood Ship Management Pte Ltd.
  • LL Energy Ltd.
  • Nakkas Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd.
  • Rigel Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. Ltd.
  • Rizzo-Bottiglieri-De Carlini Armatori SpA
  • Stella Marine Services GmbH & Co. KG
  • Trinity Ships Inc.
  • Asahi Tanikers Co. Ltd.

Council furthermore approved the following associate membership applications:

  • Aalborg Industries AS
  • Burando Maritime Services
  • Cleaves Marine Finance AS
  • ConsultISM Ltd
  • Gulf Oil Marine
  • International Business Solutions S.A.
  • Overseas Shipmanagement S.A.
  • Samsara Shipping Pvt. Ltd.

Virtual Arrival (VA)

The OCIMF/INTERTANKO Virtual Arrival (VA) project is progressing well.  The Legal VA Working Group has produced guidelines to be used to consider contractual issues when carrying out VA voyages. Virtual Arrival model clauses are being worked on by INTERTANKO and BIMCO, and there are clauses already being used by BP and Chevron.  The work on verification criteria for Weather Analysis Providers is progressing and more than 10 VA voyages have been executed by BP and Chevron. A VA manual is being produced.  The project had been well received by the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 60) and with many positive comments from national and ngo delegations.  


Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)

MBM Group meets may aug  

Council noted the update report on IMO developments, particularly the IMO decisions to hold additional meetings in June allowing further development of EEDI/SEEMP regulations which might tentatively be agreed at MEPC 61. The IMO has also established a Group of Experts, scheduled to meet in August, tasked to conduct a feasibility study on the impact the proposed Market Based Mechanisms (MBMs) might have in the world trade and world development, on maritime activity and on the economy of developing countries. INTERTANKO will participate in both meetings. The Council requested the Secretariat to present the outcome of these activities at the next Council meeting. It asked that he presentation be detailed to the extent it could assist the Council to re-consider its policy with regard to the GHG regulations but particularly with regard to MBMs.



Council Members called for the Association to adopt a more robust strategy on piracy in order to help achieve a sustainable solution to the piracy problem in Somalia. The views expressed generally called for intensified work via the IMO and UN towards harmonised Rules of Engagement in order to enhance the likelihood of the successful prosecution of pirates and a strengthened communication campaign to influence public opinion to bring about permanent solutions within Somalia.


Signing of Memorandum of Agreement with IMPA/APA

The INTERTANKO Chairman and Captain Watson, President of both the International Maritime Pilots’ Association (IMPA) and the American Pilots Association (APA), signed the Memoranda of Agreement between INTERTANKO and IMPA/APA. At this Captain Mike Watson expressed a wish to work for a common understanding of safety and welcomed this opportunity to enhance the safety of oil transportation in cooperation with INTERTANKO.


Vetting Committee

As part of Council’s review of INTERTANKO's work programme, and to ensure that topical work items are brought before Council and reviewd, the Vetting Committee provided a summary of its principal issues, goals and objectives, along with its main work programme items. This was followed by a short presentation on "Smart Vetting", and a review was provided of the recent discussions and action items emanating from the recent meeting of senior representatives of Chemical Tanker owners.


Worldscale Committee

The Worldscale Committee Chairman and Secretary provided a joint presentation summarising its origins, aims, issues and activities.


All presentations provided at the Council meeting will be available to Members on INTERTANKO’s web site under INTERTANKO Presentations.


The next Council meeting will be in Singapore on 12th October 2010 commencing at 1400 hours and concluding at approximately 1600 hours on 13th October. The Council dinner will be held on 12th October.


Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen