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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

U.S. EPA – control of emissions from large marine diesel engines

In Federal Register 75 Fed. Reg. 22895 it is stated that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finalising emission standards for new marine diesel engines with a per-cylinder displacement at or above 30 litres (called Category 3 marine diesel engines) installed on U.S. vessels.


These emission standards are equivalent to those adopted in amendments to Annex VI of MARPOL. The standards will apply in two stages:

  • near-term standards for newly built engines will apply beginning in 2011;
  • long-term standards requiring an 80% reduction in NOx emissions will begin in 2016. 

The rule also finalises a change in the diesel fuel programme that will allow for the production and sale of 1,000 ppm sulphur fuel for use in Category 3 marine vessels. In addition, the new fuel requirements will generally forbid the production and sale of other fuels above 1,000 ppm sulphur for use in most U.S. waters, unless alternative devices, procedures, or compliance methods are used to achieve equivalent emissions reductions.


The final rule comes into effect on June 29 this year.


Source: Dennis Bryant Maritime


Contact: Joe Angelo