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Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Associate Members Committee (AMC) met in London last week

In line with customary practice the AMC conducted its first meeting of the year in connection with INTERTANKO's Annual Meeting.


The AMC again discussed how to enhance interaction with other INTERTANKO committees and with its governing bodies. It was suggested that the Committee, which musters a wide representation of business environments utilised by ship operators, should endeavour to clarify what INTERTANKO Members require from their service providers. It will be considered how best to take this matter forward and thus hopefully add value for both Associate Members and Members of INTERTANKO.


Suggestions were made to encourage Associate Members to share important and relevant information from their respective business sectors with the membership via the Weekly NEWS newsletter.


The Ship Agent representative expressed his appreciation of INTERTANKO's Documentary Committee's initiative to amend the Model Agency Clause to specify that agents should be "reliable, competent, reasonable in price and have ISO 9001 or substantially equivalent certification".


The meeting concluded further that it is ready to start an expansion of associate member-related issues on the INTERTANKO web site once the web revision and upgrade have been completed.


Based on positive past experience from earlier years it was decided that the AMC should organise an "Open Hour" for Associate Members at its meeting coinciding with the Annual Meeting in 2011.


Again it was confirmed that AMC members were prepared to give presentations on relevant subjects at INTERTANKO's bi-monthly member meetings held at the London office.


With a view to enhancing progress of current work issues, the AMC agreed to add, on a trial basis, two conference calls per year to its two annual meetings. The first two will take place during November 2010 and January 2011.


The AMC performed its customary quality pre-screening of associate member applications and recommended these to the Council for its formal approval.


Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen