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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Year of the Seafarer launched at the IMO

During this week's meeting of the IMO's Sub-committee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping (STW), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) formally launched "2010: Year of the Seafarer", the theme adopted by the IMO for the current year and for its World Maritime Day events in September.


The objectives of the Year of the Seafarer are to:


  • provide the maritime community with an opportunity to pay tribute to seafarers for their unique contribution to society and in recognition of the vital role they play in the facilitation of global trade;


  • add impetus to the ongoing "Go To Sea" campaign, which the IMO launched in November 2008, in association with the Round Table of international shipping associations (ICS, BIMCO, INTERCARGO, INTERTANKO) and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF);


  • reassure those working at the "sharp end" of the industry that those who serve shipping from ashore understand the extreme pressures that seafarers face and, as a result, approach their own work with a genuine sympathy for the work that seafarers carry out;


  • convey to the 1.5 million seafarers of the world a clear message that the entire shipping community understands and cares for them – as shown by the efforts to ensure that seafarers

       - are fairly treated when ships become involved in accidents;

       - are looked after when abandoned in ports;

       - are not refused shore leave for security purposes;

       - are protected when their work takes them into piracy-infested areas;

       - are not left alone when in distress at sea.


The IMO Secretary-General Thimio Mitropoulos took the opportunity to restate much of his New Year message to seafarers, which was reported in Weekly NEWS No. 1/2010. He also outlined some of the activities planned for 2010. These include:


  • programmes to inspire a generation of seafarers and to promote careers at sea;
  • media activities relating to seafaring: interviews, articles, press briefings, websites, posters, etc;
  • organising IMO seminars and other events around the world highlighting the important role of the seafarer in our daily lives;
  • honouring the seafarer at appropriate/relevant occasions in different countries;
  • preparing a photo documentary on the lives of seafarers. 

INTERTANKO will be participating selectively in several of these activities.


Contact: Peter Swift