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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Northern European Panel – Oslo meeting & INTERTANKO ‘40th’ Dinner

The fifth meeting of INTERTANKO's Northern European Panel was held 5 and 6 October 2010 in Oslo with Lars Mossberg at the helm as Panel Chairman.


The Panel Meeting took place just two weeks before the official anniversary date (21 October) when INTERTANKO was established in Oslo in 1970. Panel members has the pleasure of being joined by various members of the local shipping community at the Shippingklubben for a dinner to celebrate this occasion. Special guest and former INTERTANKO Chairman Andreas Ugland was present and elaborated on the past 40 years and the Association’s development.


The meeting, which had over 50 participants attending, covered a vetting seminar - see article “INTERTANKO Northern European Panel Vetting Seminar in Oslo” - and INTERTANKO’s Secretariat provided the latest on INTERTANKO issues tabled at the Autumn Council Meeting that will take place 12 and 13 October 2010 in Singapore.


Dr Peter Swift, Managing Director, INTERTANKO, provided a comprehensive overview of the INTERTANKO issues, focussing in particular on piracy, where he pointed out that whilst Somalia was a major concern, other areas are facing similar problems. The developments particularly in West Africa are cause of concern due to the escalating nature of violence used and level of ransom demanded. Furthermore, there have been incidents where the crew has been taken off the vessel and brought onshore prior to ransom negotiations. Dr Swift presented a whole range of (industry) activities as well as the discussion that is intended to be held at Council. Click here to view the presentation.


Erik Ranheim, Research Manager, INTERTANKO, presented the latest on the tanker market in which he provided a comprehensive overview on the state of play of oil demand and tanker supply and provided ample issues that are of concern when thinking about the market in future. Click here to view the presentation.


Dragos Rauta, Technical Manager, INTERTANKO, covered INTERTANKO’s technical issues, focussing on Green House Gasses (GHG) from ships following the developments at UNFCCC - COP15 that took place in October 2009 and IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting that took place the week prior to the Panel meeting. Please see Weekly News Article "MEPC 61 – summary of the outcome". Further detailed information was provided on the guidelines and MBMs currently proposed and under discussion. Click here to view the presentation.


Timo Schubert, from our Brussels consultant ADS Insight, provided a comprehensive overview of the European Issues and in particular the latest developments concerning the Iran Sanctions i.a. the prohibition of insurance or re-insurance to Iranian legal person or entity or at its direction. To see the presentation please e-mail Chantal Cheung Tam He (see below).


The next meeting of the Northern European Panel will take place in Spring 2011 - dates and location to be confirmed.


Contact: Chantal Cheung Tam He