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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

INTERTANKO's Council confirms new MD and reaffirms key policy decisions

The Council members that attended the meeting in Singapore this week had a constructive and lively discussion.


INTERTANKO's Council confirmed unanimously the appointment of its current Deputy Managing Director Joe Angelo as Managing Director of INTERTANKO with effect from 1.1.2011. The Council noted that Kathi Stanzel will join INTERTANKO later this month as Deputy Managing Director.

"We are delighted that Joe has been confirmed as the successor to Peter Swift," says INTERTANKO Chairman Capt Graham Westgarth. "His wisdom and experience on the regulatory front and the immense respect in which he is held by the industry will stand him in good stead as he takes over the operational control of this first class organisation. We are also pleased to have Kathi join later this month as part of the new leadership team."


Two companies, Navios Tankers Management Inc of Greece, and Synergy Maritime of India, were approved as new Members in addition to the 11 Associate Members below:






  1. Alibra Shipping ltd

Project chartering


  1. BMT De Beer

Nautical, cargo surveyors and consultants


  1. Cartner & Fiske, LLC

Maritime law


  1. Liang MARPOL Services

Oil waste reception facility


  1. Liquid Transfer Technology

Marine supplier


  1. Meritus de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Shipping Agency


  1. Resolve Marine Group

Salvage/emergency response


  1. Safe STS LTD

Ship to Ship Transfer Services



  1. Triton Marine, C.A.  

Shipping Agency and port services


  1. Total Quality Consultants Ltd.



  1. Viswalab Singapore Ltd

Testing service



Bertil Andersson (Laurin Maritime) and Minas Giaouzis(Thenamaris Ships Management) have been confirmed as new members of ISTEC.


John Salvesen (Odfjell USA) stepped down after two terms (4 years) as Chairman of the Chemical Tanker Sub-committee, Americas. Roger Restaino (Stolt-Nielsen USA) was elected the new chairman of the Sub-committee for the period 2011-2012.


Hayato Mochizuki has returned to Tokyo and the Council elected Kazuhiro Takahashi, General Manager, Tanker Division, Mitsui OSK Bulk Shipping (Europe) Ltd in London, as a new member of the Worldscale Committee. Tim Horne was re-elected for another two-year period as chairman of the Worldscale Committee, and Mark Linham and Christian Østrup were re-elected as Committee members for another two-year period.


The Council elected John Salmon Operation manager of Sovcomflot as a new member of the Documentary Committee.



Council reaffirmed that, as one of its highest priorities, INTERTANKO should continue to press for action over governments' lack of ability/will to prosecute suspected pirates even when they have been caught attacking a ship with witnesses readily available, and that at the same time INTERTANKO applauds recent moves by the Seychelles and Kenya, as well as by the Netherlands and the U.S., to try suspected pirates and convict them with prison sentences


Council requested INTERTANKO to encourage governments to provide additional ships and air support to facilitate the use of available convoy systems as well as the international group transit system, and to encourage governments to develop more robust military rules of engagement.


Council also supported INTERTANKO maintaining its leadership role in ensuring that Best Management Practices (BMP) guidance is updated and in establishing a distribution plan for BMP Version 3 including its translation into different languages. INTERTANKO believes it is crucial that all ships transiting GoA lower the risks by following good practices as per BMP 3 including registering with/reporting to the naval authorities. It will continue to promote BMP to all Members and encourage promotion and distribution to all merchant ships.


Greenhouse gas emission reductions

Council endorsed INTERTANKO's involvement in an industry study to seek to assess potential reductions of CO2 emissions by 2030 on a realistic scenario. The study is well under way and currently exploring abatement measures both actual and conceptual.


Council strongly reiterated that the IMO is the place to discuss GHG emission reductions for shipping, and that regulation should apply to all ships of all flags, and that INTERTANKO should continue to give support to the IMO approving the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) regulation. The draft final rule will require ships to have an Attained EEDI value (i.e. actual verifiable value) which is equal to or less than the Required EEDI values.


Council noted that all ten Market Based Mechanism (MBM) schemes proposed to the IMO remain in play after the recent MEPC 61 meeting and will be assessed at the IMO's intersessional meeting before the next MEPC meeting next year. Council believes that MBMs should above all actually be effective in reducing GHG emissions.


Quality control of bunkers

The Council has empowered INTERTANKO to continue its campaign for effective mandatory quality control of bunkers prior to delivery to ships, since there is currently no mandatory system to control compliance with statutory requirements.


Council endorsed the Association's stance that there should be control of specific criteria defining bunkers. These criteria have impact on safety, environmental protection and crew health.

In particular, INTERTANKO is seeking to:

  • ensure that bunkers meet contractual requirements prior delivery;
  • ensure that bunker suppliers take corrective action in case of an off-spec delivery;
  • provide clarification on responsibility to ensure that bunkers delivered meet the criteria.


Moreover, Council was supportive of a suggestion that bunkers should be delivered fully fit for use on board ship – impurities could be removed at the refinery rather than requiring the ship to do that job on board. This could help ships attain a potential zero operational pollution.


Other items and next meeting

Council also discussed inter alia mercury in crude oil, Iranian sanctions, the consequences of Deepwater Horizon, the Malacca Cooperation Forum, and heard excellent reports from the Chairman of the Safety, Technical and Environment (ISTEC) Committee, Henrik von Platen, and from the Chairman of the Environmental Committee, Howard Seto, which both stimulated some good cross-talk.


The next Council meeting, which will coincide with the 2011 Annual General Meeting and a one-day tanker seminar, will be on 10 May 2011 in Athens.


Contacts: Peter Swift and Joe Angelo and Erik Ranheim