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Sunday, November 18, 2018

INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO Lunchtime Seminar - LNG as a fuel for ship propulsion

At the INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO U.K. Members’ lunchtime meeting held on 16 November 2010 in the London office, Claus Winter Graugaard, Deputy Head, Det Norske Veritas, Danmark A/S, provided a comprehensive overview of the possibility of using LNG as a fuel for ship propulsion.


LNG was presented as a ‘supreme option’ for reducing SOx and NOx exhaust compared to using low sulphur fuels, or to using abatement technology (in this case scrubbers) and conventional heavy fuel. The technology is approved and available and many manufacturers are offering  LNG-fuelled engines. The main challenges appear to be loss of cargo space due to a cylindrical LNG storage tank, and a slight methane slip from the engine when running on low load, but efforts are being made to overcome these.


There are already over 20 LNG-fuelled ships worldwide with more on order. Whilst the development of both distillate and LNG fuel prices might be an uncertain factor, the case for LNG was deemed to be financially viable at current gas prices compared to conventional fuels.


Currently, the LNG distribution infrastructure does not provide sufficient possibilities for ships to bunker. However, realistic opportunities exist to enable existing bunkering stations to offer LNG, and solutions for ship-to-ship bunkering are being developed. The training aspect was also raised – how should officers and crews train to use LNG as a fuel.


A copy of the presentation can be viewed by clicking here.


The next seminar is scheduled to take place in the week commencing 17 January 2011.


Contact: Chantal Cheung Tam He