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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Membership fleet update

INTERTANKO’s fees are based on Members’ fleets on 1 January each year.  To ensure correct and timely invoicing without later corrections of the invoices, please send us your fleet update. So that you can compare your actual fleet with what we have on our database, you can see the fleet we currently have recorded for your company on our website – click here – and advise us if what you see is correct.


We can also send you a copy of the fleet we have recorded for your company in a spreadsheet for you to update.


Members shall, according to our Articles of Association, record ”all tank vessels which the applicant owns and/or manages including tank vessels of affiliated and associated companies.  Gas carriers may be eligible at the owner's request to the Council."


To facilitate the updates, please send the updates in the format the attached spreadsheet: to download click here


A quick response from you would benefit us all.


We thank all those who already have provided their fleet updates


Contact: Erik Ranheim