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Sunday, November 18, 2018

No. 28 2012 - 13 Jul



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INTERTANKO Managing Director Katharina Stanzel restates priorities

In a letter sent to Members, newly appointed Managing Director of INTERTANKO, Katharina Stanzel, outlines her vision and priorities, and those of the Council, for the Association’s future. On 1 July, Stanzel took over from Joe Angelo, who reprised his role as INTERTANKO’s Deputy Managing Director, after serving the Association for the past 18 months as Managing Director.   Begins   Dear Members...... More

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US Supreme Court decides against California fuel requirements review

The US Supreme Court voted not to review the Ninth Circuit Court’s opinion upholding the California ocean-going vessel fuel regulations. The Court did not provide an explanation of why it decided not to take this particular case.   Background In July 2011 INTERTANKO joined an industry coalition in filing an amicus curiae brief in support of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association’s (PMSA)...... More