DNV Petroleum Services revises its Bunker Alerts

DNV Petroleum Services has announced a change in the presentation of its Bunker Alerts. The graphical information pertaining to the issued Bunker Alert will be posted on DNVPS' customer service web site and will be available to authorised users through login ID and password access. Different graphs and charts will be shown describing fuel quality trends, average values vs. actual off-specification values attributed to the suppliers involved, who will not be named.


Click here for details of the revised format. Examples of the revised presentation may be viewed at ftp://www.dnvps.com/BunkerAlert/BunkerAlertRevision.pps.


As requested by DNVPS, INTERTANKO will, from now on, circulate Bunker Alerts to its members as soon as they are received rather than waiting for the next Weekly NEWS.


Contact: Dragos Rauta