CDI updates ISIS Triple 3 database

The Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) CDI is now entering the final stages of the change-over from the (Integrated Ship Inspection System) ISISTriple3 database to the new ISIS-Web7. Users please take note of the following final dates:


Thursday 15 March 2007 - Last date and time for requesting a 5th Edition inspection. MRSCDI will adopt the 6th Edition ISIS-Web7 at 17:00 GMT on the 15 March;


Thursday 29 March 2007 at 17:00 GMT - Last date and time for entering a 5th Edition inspection report;


Friday 30 March 2007 - All ISIS services will be closed-down at 07:00 GMT. Service via ISIS-Web7 at is expected to commence at 24:00 GMT the same day.


Note: ISIS-Web7 will be accessible to the CDI Inspectors from 16 March 2007. Using existing ISIS login and passwords, all other users will have access immediately after the change-over on Friday 30 March. The few 6th Edition reports entered in this interim period will not be accessible until after the change-over. The CDI Administration will provide pdf versions of the Report Summary on request.


Contact: Howard Snaith