IMO publishes report of the 44th Session of GESAMP/EHS Working Group

The 44th Session of the GESAMP Working Group on the Evaluation of the Hazards of Harmful Substances Carried by Ships (EHS 44) was held at IMO Headquarters in London 30 April to 4 May 2007.

The agenda for EHS 44 included:

1.       Adoption of the agenda

2.       Matters arising from IMO and other Organizations relevant to the activities of the Working Group

3.       Evaluation of new products proposed for bulk transport by ships

4.       Correspondence with the industry and consideration of queries from industry related to evaluations

5.       Missing ratings

6.       Any other business

7.       Future work programme and date of the next session

8.       Consideration and adoption of the report


Seventeen products were submitted for review by GESAMP at EHS 44.  The resultant hazard profiles for these products are set out in Annex 3 of the EHS 44 report. They are:


·         Alkenoic acid ester borated;

·         Alkyl (C18+) toluenes;

·         Alkyltoluenesulfonic acid, calcium salts;

·         Benzenepropanoic acid, 3,5-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl), 4-hydroxy-C7-C9 alcohols, branched and linear;

·         Calcium alkylsalicylate (C10-C15);

·         Calcium long-chain alkyl phenate sulphide/calcium stearate/branched alkylphenol/calcium branched alkyl phenol mixture (in mineral oil);

·         Calcium long-chain branched alkylsalicylate (C18-C28);

·         Diakyl dithiophosphate sodium salt solution;

·         Diethylene glycol initiated polyoxypropylene diamine;

·         Alcohols, linear (C10-C14);

·         Alcohols, linear (C12+);

·         Alcohols, linear (C16+);

·         Formaldehyde polymer with isobutylenated phenols;

·         Alkyl (C12-C16) propoxyamine ethoxylate;

·         Orange juice and concentrates;

·         Polyalkyl alkeneamine succimimide, molybdenum oxysulphide

·         Polyolefin amide alkeneamine polyol.


The report on this meeting has now been released. Click here for the full GESAMP report.


Contact: Howard Snaith  or Margaret Doyle