INTERTANKO Council approves strengthening of its Inert Gas position, (due to IMO method of work)

We refer to ongoing discussions within the IMO, and to the decision taken at the 83rd session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 83) in October 2007, for the IMO to assess the application of inert gas to newbuildings first, and, when that has been completed, then, and only then, to assess new inert gas measures for existing ships.


Due to this method of approach being undertaken by the IMO, it has become necessary for INTERTANKO, whilst retaining its initial vision for the future regarding inert gas, to strengthen its own position accordingly.


Accordingly, INTERTANKO’s Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC) and Chemical Tanker Sub-committee (CTSCA) strengthened the wording of its position at its joint meeting on 9 April 2008, regarding inert gas regulations for new ships. This has been technically reviewed by the INTERTANKO Safety, Technical & Environmental Committee (ISTEC) on 18 April, who agreed to support the CTC/CTSCA wording, which the INTERTANKO Council subsequently endorsed on 21 April 2008.


Click here to view the paper on INTERTANKO's strengthened position inert gas.


Contact: Howard Snaith or Ajay Gour