MSC 82 - MARPOL Annex II round up

BLG Report


MSC 82 approved the report from BLG 10 (MSC 82/9) which may be accessed here.


MSC 82 endorsed the issue of the following BLG circulars:


·          BLG/Circ.17 on "Use of the correct product name in the shipping document for bulk liquid cargoes";

·          BLG/Circ.18 on "Example of an optional shipping document for the purposes of MARPOL Annex II and the IBC Code";

·          BLG/Circ.19 on "Products which have been classified or re-classified since the adoption of the amended IBC Code in 2004".


ESPH Report

MSC 82 approved the report from ESPH 12:


·          ESPH had evaluated 33 new products and produced a summary of the observations on each of these products.

·          ESPH had reviewed the latest MEPC.2 circular (Provisional classification of liquid substances transported in bulk and other related matters) and agreed that the products in List 1 of the circular that apply to all countries with no expiry date will be incorporated in the set of amendments to the IBC Code which was considered at MEPC 55. MSC agreed with the group's actions concerning the cover note and the different lists of MEPC.2/Circ.12.

·          The entry for potassium chloride solution (10% or more) is to be amended to potassium chloride solution.

·          The entry of dodecyl, tetradecyl, hexadecyl-dimethylamine mixture is to be included as an index name for alkyl (C12+) dimethylamine in chapter 19 of the IBC Code.

·          To avoid further changes to the classification of products, the rating of "Inorg" in column A2 in the GESAMP Hazard Profile is to be taken to mean a product that would be readily biodegradable.

·          MSC agreed to the addition of a new footnote in Chapter 17 of the IBC Code for the entries of fatty acid methyl esters, vegetable acid oils and vegetable fatty acid distillates, and also to indicate that each entry only covers those derived from vegetable oils specified within the IBC Code.

·          MSC agreed to the updated list of vegetable oil synonyms to be included in Annex 6 of the MEPC.2 circular and that the carriage requirements for such synonyms are identical to those of the vegetable oils specified in the IBC Code.


MSC 82 also agreed to the adoption of amendments to the IBC Code which may be seen in Annex 5 of MSC/82/3.


Contact: Howard Snaith or Margaret Doyle