Marshal Islands - Acceptance of the Exemption Clause for Vegetable Oils in the Revised MARPOL Annex II

INTERTANKO reported on the outcome of the 3000m3 debate at MEPC 56 following review of our and other submissions to the IMO on this issue in Weekly NEWS No. 29/2007 of 20 July 2007.


In our article we advised of the conclusions reached, which included the following statement in the report of the meeting:


"There was also discussion of the practice of downgrading a Ship Type 2 to a Ship Type 3 in order to maximise the carriage requirements, and whilst some delegates did say that they did not like this approach there was a general agreement that it was not illegal to do so."


Members are advised that the Marshall Islands have issued Technical Circular No.10 (Revision 1) dated 28 August 2007, which advises:


"This Administration does NOT support the issuance or maintenance of dual-certification for both Type 2 Chemical Tanker and Type 3 Chemical Tanker notations simultaneously to Marshall Islands registered vessels. Each instance where upgrading or downgrading between Type 2 and Type 3 notations is sought shall be subject to a full survey for compliance with the applicable IBC Code and MARPOL Annex II (revised) requirements for issuance of the appropriate certification, and removal of the previous certification."


The full technical note can be accessed here and can also be obtained from the International Registries web site at the following link . 

Contact: Howard Snaith or Margaret Doyle