Update on changes to CDI-Marine Integrated Ship Inspection System – CDI Crew Knowledge and Proficiency testing

Crew Knowledge and Proficiency (CKP) testing is a Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) initiative which was introduced to assess the knowledge and proficiency levels of crew members in the chemical tanker industry. The testing was designed to be computer-based and conducted on a voluntary basis by two officers at the time of a CDI ship inspection.

INTERTANKO Members have been generally supportive of the principles behind this initiative and, having taken part in this programme, have raised a few issues, primarily centred on issues of confidentiality of data collected and on the impact on individual crew of the variability of interpretation of test results.

INTERTANKO has, through its Vetting Committee and Chemical Tanker Committee, reviewed and brought these concerns to the attention of CDI, which has taken this on board and has incorporated changes to the testing programme.

INTERTANKO will further review the impact of these changes on the testing programme and will in turn provide CDI with further feedback.

To read a statement issued by CDI detailing the changes to the ISIS CKP system, please click here.

Contact: Ajay Gour