Anti-fouling problems: tankers trading to Vietnam

INTERTANKO has been advised of member vessels reporting problems with the breakdown of hull anti-fouling and anti-corrosion coatings after trading to certain ports in Vietnam.


The cases that have been reported involve the breakdown of hull coatings, with the worst affected vessels reporting bare metal exposure and the onset of steel corrosion. Coatings experts suggest that the cause may be linked to contaminated or heavily polluted waterways.


As this is a relatively new issue, members are advised to contact INTERTANKO regarding any similar incidents. This will allow the Secretariat to assess the extent of the problem before issuing any formal warnings to vessels trading to certain regions in Vietnam. In particular the port area of Dong Nai has been linked to a number of initial cases.


Please forward any feedback on this issue to Tim Wilkins.


Contact: Tim Wilkins