INTERTANKO Tanker Event - Environmental Committee meeting

INTERTANKO’s Environmental Committee met in Istanbul last week prior to the Council and Annual General Meeting. Chairman, Dimitris Stamoudis (Minerva Marine Inc., Greece), steered the Committee through its deliberations on inter alia port reception facilities, ship recycling and ballast water management on an agenda of over 14 work items.


The Committee deviated from the normal meeting arrangements by undertaking two workshops to assist in its initiation of activity on both environmental benchmarking and energy conservation on board. Michael Reppas (Seaworld Management & Trading Inc., Greece) moderated the first workshop session on environmental benchmarking. The Committee agreed on an initial list of aspects which would lend themselves to adaptation within a benchmarking scheme for INTERTANKO members. These included oil into the environment as well as waste (specifically MARPOL Annex V related wastes). Work will now commence on a standardised reporting format for members to begin submitting data on the aspects agreed before circulating to the membership.


Energy conservation, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, was the focus of the second workshop, which was moderated by Howard Seto (Teekay Shipping). Using an evaluation matrix, the Committee was able to undertake a preliminary review of possible GHG reduction options. The session proved useful in providing input into INTERTANKO’s Safety, Technical and Environmental Committee (ISTEC) when it met the following day. An air emission working group formed of members of the two Committees will now further the progress of this work and on the issue in general.


On more policy-focused issues, the Committee expressed its concern on the implementation schedules for the 2012 newbuilding deadline contained in the International Ballast Water Convention. With limited options for large scale treatment systems it is difficult to anticipate and negotiate contracts with the yards for larger vessels due for construction in 2012.


The Committee also considered further the developments relating to the IMO Ship Recycling Convention, noting that this Convention is now in its final stages of development. INTERTANKO with its industry partners in the Industry Working Group on Ship Recycling should, however, continue to focus on the interim period between now and the entry into force of the Convention.


A main area of consideration for the Committee was the continued strong drive at the IMO to improve the situation relating to inadequate port waste reception facilities. The Committee had originally developed the first drafts of the standardised Advance Notification Form and the standardised Waste Delivery Receipt, which are now due for adoption by the IMO. With this success imminent the Committee also considered the request from the IMO to develop a Guide to Good Practice for Reception Facilities. INTERTANKO has already submitted a first draft, which will be considered by the IMO in June when the Flag State Implementation Sub-committee (FSI) meet.


The next meeting of the Committee will take place in September in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Contact: Tim Wilkins