MEPC 56 - Industry Port Reception Facilities Forum meets in London

With the IMO’s new found vigour in dealing with port reception facility problems the Industry Forum on Port Reception Facilities convened a meeting to consider how best to support and maintain the IMO’s activity.


Appropriately scheduled and held at the same time as the IMO’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting held this week in London, the Forum gathered in order to update its Action Plan on reception facilities and bring its objectives in line with the IMO’s Action Plan.


Under the chairmanship of INTERTANKO’s Environmental Manager, Tim Wilkins, the Forum agreed that more focus should be given to the high priority items identified by the IMO. This included a re-evaluation of how the amendments to MARPOL Annex V on garbage would overlap with the port reception facility work and, in particular, how this would affect waste segregation on board and the possibility of recycling on the shore side. This created a substantial discussion on the issue of harmonised waste segregation and the need for shore facilities to improve their capabilities to recycle waste in line with many shipping company’s environmental management systems.


Additional work items which will be focused on in the next few months will include gathering information on facility capacity in relation to ship waste generation. This could be used to ascertain the adequacy of facilities. A Guide to Good Practice will also be developed by the Forum for consideration by the IMO.


During the discussion and updates on regional activities, the Forum members were advised that a full review of the European Directive was likely to begin in early 2008. Noting that European activity continues to place a heavy emphasis on this subject, many members of the Forum recognised that it is also essential to draw in members and information from Asia, Africa and the Americas.


With a re-focused and more detailed agenda, the Forum intends to meet again in 2007. INTERTANKO’s Environmental Committee will be advised of the outcome of this meeting in detail and will assist in generating much of the work for the Forum’s Action Plan.


Contact: Tim Wilkins