MEPC 57 - Anti-fouling systems

The Antifouling Systems Convention (AFS) will enter into force on 19 September 2008. Two dates were established in the Convention: 1 January 2003, after which date ships should not apply tin-based anti-fouling systems on their hulls, and 1 January 2008, after which date ships should not have tin-based systems on their hulls.


On being requested to provide clarity on the entry into force dates and whether the Convention would be retroactively enforced, it was agreed at MEPC 57 that it would be up to each individual Party state to the Convention to determine whether it would apply the dates retroactively. INTERTANKO will keep members advised as to how the Party states decide to implement this Convention.


For the time being, the European Directive, which entered into force in January this year, applies the requirements in a retroactive manner.


Contact: Tim Wilkins